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How To Plan The Best Promotional Strateg

Published On: 2013-09-17 17:00:55

Similar to any type of marketing strategies, giving out promotional products for free  can always make your offline marketing campaign successful. However, there is more to just giving out promotional items to make your business successful. It is important that  you know how to plan a great promotional strategy for your business using promotional products.

Research Your Target Market

The most important that you need to consider is to do research on your target audience. When you plan your marketing ideas, it is important that you always prioritize your target market. Make sure that you determine the demography of your market, their geographic location, their general interests as well as their market behavior so that you can plan your promotional strategy properly. It is important to take note that different audiences require different marketing strategies thus it is important that you conduct market research first before launching your promotional product campaign.

Choose The Perfect Promotional Items That Will Fit Your Market

Once you have already determined your target market, the next thing that you need to consider is to choose the perfect business gifts that your audience will truly appreciate. On the other hand, it is also important to consider the overall design of the promotional products that you want to give because the overall appearance plays a big role whether your target audience will opt to choose your promotional gifts or not.

When planning for the type of promotional products that you want to give, it is important to include your budget.

Plan A Distribution Program Of Your Promotional Items

It is important to take note that you plan a strategy on how you will give your business gifts to your prospective clients. There are many events that you can join where you can give your business gifts for free in events like Sunday markets and expos. You can also give promotional items during special events such as company anniversaries. When planning for the distribution program, it is crucial that you also let the recipients or clients know what they need to do in order to be able to get   the free promotional gift. It gives them a sense of pride in achieving something for free by exerting a certain amount of effort.

Follow Up Your Marketing Strategy

In any type of marketing ideas,  it is always crucial  that you follow up your marketing strategy. Although giving out promotional items can make your business successful, it is hard to support this claim if you cannot measure your success. Make sure that you create a survey whether or not your marketing ideas are effective among your clients. By doing so, this will help you decide whether your strategy by giving out promotional gifts is effective or not. 

Give Tech-Related Promotional Products F

Published On: 2013-07-28 20:51:48

With the modernity of society today, one of the best promotional items that you can give to your clients is electronic or technology-related gadgets. Almost everyone these days use a variety of electronic gadgets and giving not only your clients but also your staff is something that they will definitely like. This is especially true if your business is related to the corporate environment. Although they do cost more compared with simple corporate gifts such as coffee mugs or pens, there are now many suppliers that can provide reasonable prices if you order in bulk.

Types Of Tech-Related Promotional Gifts

There are many types of tech-related promotional items that you can give to your clients and these include mp3 players and USB ports. Aside from  electronic gadgets, you can also give accessories for electronic devices such as iPod dock, laptop sleeves, CD holders and iPad case. With the many types of gadgets that exist in the market today, you will never run out of tech-related promotional gifts that you can give to your clients and employees.

Benefits Of Giving Tech-Related Promotional Gifts

Nearly everyone working in the corporate environment owns an electronic gadget or two. In fact, employees are provided by the company with their own computers in their work stations thus there is a need to give tech-related promotional products to improve their performance. For instance, employees who are given memory sticks can help improve their performance as they now have more capacities to store data from work.

Aside from improving employee performance, giving out promotional gifts can also help boost the morale of employees. Employees who receive  such items feel that they are rewarded by their company for their contributions. On the other hand, clients who are also given corporate gifts also feel that the company is looking out for their welfare. As a result, clients end up becoming repeat costumers.

What To Consider Before Giving Tech-Related Promotional Products

There are lots of companies that are encouraged to give tech-related corporate gifts. However, there are still many who think that this type of promotional gift is too expensive thus they end up scrimping. As a general rule, it is important to give high quality promotional products like gadgets otherwise your integrity will be in question. If your company cannot afford to get a large quantity, then getting a limited number is a better option. You can just give it to seasoned clients as well as to your deserving employees.

Promotional Items For Sporting Events

Published On: 2013-06-30 23:15:29

Companies all over the world organize sporting events  in order to promote their services and products to their clients. Moreover, they also organize such events  to boost the morale of their employees. Sporting events are not complete without promotional items. However, in order for the promotional endeavor to become successful, it is important to give the right marketing materials to  the participants of the sporting events.

If you are planning on organizing a sporting event for your company’s employees, it is important that you invest on the right sports giveaways. When deciding which promotional products to hand out, it is important to consider the nature of the event.  Below are some effective promotional gifts to give during sporting events.

Gym Towels As Great Promotional Items

Everybody needs towels. One of the most popular giveaways is gym towels. Customized towels are great giveaways because the participants can use them to make themselves clean after the sporting activity. Moreover, they can also take the towels home.  Every sport activities are not complete without towels thus giving them these particular sports accessories will surely make your employees grateful.


Also called jandles, this particular promotional gift is great if the sporting activity is held in the beach. This particular corporate gift is made from rubber and are not only great on the beach but can also be used at home or be worn with casual clothing. In fact, wearing jandles or flip flops are is now becoming a popular fashion statement among many people.

Beach Kits

There are many sporting activities that are held in the beach thus you can give beach products as giveaways to your employees.  Such giveaways can include sunscreen lotions, visors or even beach balls.  Aside from giving one beach product, you can create a beach kit that contains several beach necessities that will surely be useful among your employees.

Fitness Mats

Some of your employees may be serious health buffs thus giving them something that they can use for their hobbies can be a great giveaway. Another great giveaway during sporting events is the fitness mat.  Your employees can use the mats to do yoga or stretching at home. They can also bring them to the gym or wherever place they want to exercise.

Giving promotional items during a sporting event is a great idea to boost not only the camaraderie among employees but also their morale in the company. 

Personalised Advertising Products: Wine

Published On: 2013-05-31 19:17:22


How Personalized Advertising Products Such As Wine Chillers and Personalized Glass Help Boost Businesses


If you are a business owner then naturally, you want to show your clients that you want to grow with them. To do this, you need to make them feel happy and satisfied. When it comes to customer satisfaction, providing promotional products help businesses achieve that.

Promotional items can be anything but it is very important for businesses to give those that reflect their visions and goals. This means that companies should give out products that complement their business niche. For instance, businesses that are involved with the food industry can give our personalised wine chillers and coolers.

Moreover, it is also crucial to give promotional items that serve as advertising products in order to help businesses grow. In fact, giving out advertising items help make companies become more visible. There are a lot of advantages of giving out personalised products for advertising and below are examples of products and their advantages.

Personalised Glass Helps Brand Awareness

Personalised glass is a unique glass that is decorated with customized designs. Examples of such promotional product include brandy glasses and wine glasses. The best thing about giving customized glasses is that your customers will appreciate your effort and that you are giving them something that is better than what they usually expect from you. In fact, customized glasses are not only enticing but also unique. 

So how does personalised glass helps brand awareness? If a customer is impressed with them, they can use it whenever they hold social events such as dinner parties or picnics. Every time they take out the customized glass that you have given them, other people see it. If your glasses come with great and attractive designs, other people will be asking about it and, of course, your client will be more than happy to refer your company to them. The more people see your customized glasses, the higher brand awareness they get.

Wine Chiller Help Improve Market Share

Wine chillers may be small and insignificant advertising products but they help improve market share. This particular product used for advertising is used as receptacles to hold and chill wine. They are made from various materials such as glass, metal or even plastic.

Businesses that give wine chiller to their clients help promote their business by improving their market share or the number of clients that patronize them.  This is especially true among companies involved in restaurant business or wine retail.

Custom Stubby Coolers Help Improve Customer Appreciation

Who wouldn’t want to receive custom stubby coolers? In fact, clients who are given out customized coolers by their favorite companies will definitely appreciate such gesture. In fact, giving out products like this helps improve customer appreciation which, in turn, results to more sales lead for companies.

Custom stubby coolers are great items to store drinks and beverages while keeping them cool at the same time. Such item is great for those who love to go out on weekends for picnics.

Giving out free items as advertising products is a good idea but it is important for businesses to only give products that are made from high quality materials and exceptional products. After all, this particular product, although small, can make or break the reputation of companies. 

Custom Laptop Bags: A Great Promotional

Published On: 2013-02-24 10:51:14

 Laptops are now common gadgets owned almost by everyone and custom laptop bags are one of the trendiest corporate gifts that can be given to those who own one. In fact, there are now a lot of companies that give them out as customized promotional products to provide convenience to clients. However, it is not only clients who enjoy receiving laptop bags as gifts but also employees.

Giving out customized laptop bags has a lot of benefits. Aside from being employed in most marketing strategies geared towards customers, they are also used to boost the morale of employees. Employees who receive free laptop bags for their good merits can increase their motivation to work and perform better for the company.

Since such promotional merchandise come with a lot of benefits, it is crucial for the company to make quality laptop bags. Aside from the quality of the materials used to make the bag, what makes it effective is its good design. The design of the laptop bag should reflect the company’s desire to provide good service to both their employees and clients. So what are the qualities of a good laptop bag?

A laptop bag needs to be functional and it requires several elevated compartments where several items can be stored. Laptop bags are not only used to store the gadget itself but also other devices such as mp3 players, smart phones and even laptop computers. Moreover, it is also used to store writing materials such as notepads, pens and also water bottles. Since laptop bags are used to carry fragile devices, it is necessary hat they come with padding in order to safeguard the devices inside. Moreover, it is also an advantage if such corporate gifts are weatherproof.

Another characteristic of a good laptop bag is that they resist deterioration. People carry around laptop bags all the time and the constant use of such promotional merchandise increases the risk of deterioration through time.

Companies that are planning to give out laptop bags as corporate items need to tap experts in making promotional products. There are lots of companies that specialize in making promotional products but if it is quality that you are seeking, and then PPS Corporate can definitely help you make laptop bags that will not only represent your company but will also satisfy your clients and employees as well. They offer their custom corporate gift services Australia wide and even to big cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane among many others.

Corporate Gifts in Melbourne, Sydney and

Published On: 2013-01-26 20:19:04


The Different Promotional Merchandise Sold and Given Away as Corporate Gifts within Australia



Advertising in Australia is very challenging considering that there is a lot of competition that exist lately. However, for companies that want to improve their sales, then using promotional products or corporate gifts is your best option.  There are different types of promotional products that exist in the market and it pays to know the many types of promotional items that are available in key cities in Australia. This will help people know when and where to shop for the appropriate promotional products that fit their needs.

Corporate Gifts Sydney

Corporate gifts Sydney are very attractive. Examples of corporate gifts include corporate jackets, coffee mugs, customized pens and daily planners. The gifts are made from high quality materials and reflect the sophistication exuded from the many Sydney establishments.

Moreover, there are also different designs created to make corporate gifts Sydney unique thus finding the right one should be very easy. If a particular design is not available, there are many companies that specialize in making corporate gifts Sydney. Corporate gifts can be given out to clients as gifts for their continuous patronage to a particular company.

However, they can also be given to employees to encourage them to work even harder. When choosing business promotional products, it is necessary to choose those that will reflect the niche of a particular company.

Thus, if a particular company is related in the clothing industry, then giving out promotional items that are made from cloths is a best option. On the other hand, promotional items that are not related to the niche of a company can also be given provided that the company chooses promotional items that are functional. Examples of functional items that are day to day objects include rain coats, boots and foot spa kit.

If you are having problems deciding which corporate gifts you should give, then you can always seek help from the company that specializes in making promotional items. The secret to a successful corporate gift is to choose those that people will surely enjoy using as much as receiving.

Corporate Gifts Melbourne

Giving out custom promotional merchandise in Melbourne is fun. As one of the bustling cities in Australia, people are used to getting sophisticated things and this is reflected in corporate gifts Melbourne. Using corporate gifts can give insurmountable benefits.

Examples of corporate gifts Melbourne that are given by companies to their clients and employees are customized coffee tumblers, laptop bags, tote bags, daily planners, USBs, pens and pillows. Aside from being functional and entertaining, corporate gifts Melbourne can also help increase the brand impression of a company. For instance, giving them out to clients will definitely arouse their curiosity. As they carry the corporate gift, other people are bound to notice them thus increasing the brand impression of the company. This form of passive advertising will also entice other people to transact with that particular company thereby contributing to the economics of the company.

It is important to take note that corporate gifts can generate more than 1,000 impressions. If you are running a company and you want to improve your business, then giving out corporate gifts to your favored clients is your best choice. However, before you begin, make sure that you determine which promotional item do you think will be useful to the recipient. It is also important to give out gifts that are related to the type of business that you are running. On the other hand, you can always give out items that are not related to your business but make sure that they are practical.               

Corporate Gifts Brisbane

One of the most popular corporate gifts Brisbane is tote bags. The city is popular for its laid back nature due to the fact that it is surrounded with scenic and pristine landscapes. For this reason, there are lots of tour operators in the city.

The type of corporate gifts Brisbane that are given by tourism companies are tote bags, travel bags, tees and grooming kits. Most of these promotional items are use in traveling but there are also other companies that give out other types of promotional items. Examples include caps, mugs, flashlights, wine bottles, cork opener and so on. These corporate gifts are very funky and that they help improve the branding of a particular company. For instance, tourism companies that give out travel bags with their logos can arouse the curiosity of many people particularly among travelers.

The truth is that custom promotional products can draw the right attention from the right people. It is a passive form of advertising that is considered as even better than conventional advertising campaigns. If you are deciding on giving out corporate gifts to both clients and employees, then make sure that you choose those than can make quality yet cheap promotional products.

It is important to take note that while they are effective advertising tools, they are a bit expensive thus choosing the right one with your budget in mind should be first considered. By doing so, you will be able to utilize the many benefits that your corporate gifts can give.

The Benefits from Using Promotional Prod

Published On: 2013-01-19 15:29:14

 There are lots of advantages from using promotional products and one of them is the ability to make a better impression for your company. In fact, promotional products are considered as the best form of passive advertising since they can generate thousands of impressions without using conventional forms of advertising.  Different cities in Australia provide different kinds of promotional products and it pays to understand what these along with their benefits.

The Benefits of Promotional Products Sydney

There are different types of promotional products sold in Sydney but if you are looking for business promotional products, then Sydney is the best place to look for them. Sydney is a bustling city full of rising companies and promising opportunities and this is the reason why business promotional items are very popular here. 

Examples of promotional products Sydney include daily planner, pens, laptop bags and coffee mugs.  Aside from these items, other business promotional merchandise also includes USB, tea dispenser, paper weight and so on.  The best thing about business promotional items is that they are great ways to draw in more clients and higher visibility for the customized products and consequently your brand too. 

All clients enjoy receiving free stuffs from businesses that they transact with and by giving out business promotional items, they will have the notion that the company is after their satisfaction. 

On the other hand, they can also be given to employees to encourage better work performances. A lot of companies offer promotional products Sydney to encourage their clients to improve their performances tremendously. The best thing about buying promotional items in Sydney is that there are a lot of designs to choose from thus finding the right one that fits your needs is very easy. 

However, there are times that you cannot find the right promotional items that you want to give. Now if you were not able to find the appropriate promotional item, then you can always charter the company that makes one to create a customized item that will fit your preferences and needs. 

The Benefits of Promotional Products Melbourne

Melbourne is also a bustling city but aside from having companies that make promotional products, this is also the best place to look for other types of promotional items. Aside from the usual mugs, back packs and customized pens, promotional products Melbourne also include cooler bags, raincoats, umbrellas, duffel bags and other types of items imaginable. 

The best thing about the promotional products in Melbourne is that they can create great brand impression in a particular business. For instance, the customized backpacks worn by young students in Melbourne can arouse the curiosity of onlookers about a particular company. In fact, the bag can generate thousands of brand impression within a single day. Because of the brand impression generated by a single bag, the advertising of a particular company is secured.  Unlike conventional advertising method, promotional products Melbourne are very effective when it comes to advertising companies and organizations. 

Looking for promotional items in Melbourne does not need to be difficult as there are lots of companies that specialize in making them. Most companies can provide a plethora of designs and styles of promotional items thus all you need to do is to choose the right one that fits your needs using local materials. If you cannot find the right one, then you can hire companies that make promotional items to make one that will fit your needs. Melbourne has a very active industry when it comes to making promotional products so finding the right one that can deliver your needs should not be difficult at all.

The Benefits of Promotional Products Brisbane

Dubbed as the nature capital in Australia, Brisbane is known for its wonderful sights and warm climate all year round thus making this place a favorite travel destination to both local and foreign tourists alike. This is the reason why custom promotional products in Brisbane are usually related in the tourism industry. There are lots of custom promotional products in Brisbane but popular promotional products Brisbane include printed shirts and key chains. On the other hand, other promotional items that are given out in Brisbane include caps and umbrellas. 

As the capital of Queensland, millions of tourists flock the city every year and that the sales of promotional products Brisbane is also high. The promotional items sold in Brisbane usually come with festive design thus they are not only functional but also attractive.  Companies that give out colorful promotional items make themselves popular among their clients.  On the other hand, the use of promotional products Brisbane can also dictate the success of a company.  The use of promotional products makes companies successful because they can help in building a brand impression.

This means that the greater the value of the promotional items that you give out to employees and clients mean the more reputable you are as a company. When looking for promotional products in Brisbane, it is important to choose high quality promotional items. You can also look for cheap promotional products but make sure that they are made from high quality materials to ensure that they will last for a long time.

Delivery of your product

Published On: 2013-01-04 17:49:03

 We appreciate its important for your products to arrive as soon as practicable after you place an order.  We take pride in fulfilling our obligations to meeting your expectation with regard to delivery dates. The more time you can provide the easier it is for us to meet a requested delivery date. Sometimes hiccups do occur, usually with a freight company not getting it quite right time wise because of a breakdown or some other unforseen problem. Adequate forward planning usually eliminates the possibility of products not arriving according to plan. You can assist us by signing off promptly on artwork proofs we produce for you so you can approve the final design and by making payment of an our invoice when requested to do so. If you do not have credit facilities in place with us we cannot complete your order until payment is made. For promotional products and promotional bags being delivered to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne delivery is usually one to two working days. To Tasmania Adelaide and Perth you should allow up to seven working days depending on the final destination.