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Prices on products on this website include a one colour print. Prices are indicative as decoration methods vary between products and so do prices. If you are interested in purchasing this product please request a quote so we can offer you our best price on the decoration method recommended for this item. Just click on the button below.

Preparation fees and charges

You may use the following costs as a guide.

  • Screen Printing $60.00 to $80.00
  • Pad Printing $60.00 to $85.00
  • Laser Engraving $70.00 to $120.00
  • Embroidery $70.00 to $125.00
  • Stamping and casting dies $120.00 to $300.00

Product Details

Product Code: #fD475

Print Area 1 :30 x 30mm
Self winding retractable chord*USB 2.0

Size And Colours

Size: 42 x 42 x 14mm*USB cord 700mm

Colour: Info not available

Pricing Structure

Quantity Prices

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