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Coffee Sets & Plungers

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Small Glass Coffee Plunger
Small Glass Coffee Plungers can be custom printed with your company name and logo.
from $8.43 to $6.61 ea
50 min qty
Large Glass Coffee Plunger
Large Glass Coffee Plungers can be customised with your coffee shop details.
from $12.64 to $9.74 ea
25 min qty
4 Cup Coffee Plunger
4 Cup Coffee Plungers are produced with a mesh, metal filter.
from $18.72 to $14.80 ea
50 min qty
Small Coffee Press
Customised Small Coffee Presses are produced with a stainless steel cradle with glass.
from $23.35 to $16.17 ea
25 min qty

We stock a wide range of customised Coffee Sets & Plungers in stainless steel or glass with varying liquid capacities. If you like your coffee or tea freshly brewed, choose from our selection of small, medium or large cafetieres. They are perfect for use in cafes, restaurants and the office, and all of our Coffee Sets can be personalised with a corporate logo or restaurant name for a unique, bespoke look. Coffee Sets and Plungers are available to order in 25 - 50 units depending on the design, to suit the size of your business.