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Customised audio products are just the perfect giveaways in today’s era of mobile phones, tablets, music players, and other gadgets. We offer the most innovative selection of speakers with Bluetooth function or featuring cool brick designs that will add more fun to your audience’s daily music. Our customised audio products are made to deliver amazing sound while looking great in a wide selection of amazing colours. Get them in bulk and take advantage of even bigger discounts!

Our Popular Promotional Products in Audio Products

Walkabout Portable Radio
These branded Walkabout Portable Radios are the perfect items to level up your next advertising campaigns.
from $9.98 to $4.67 ea
50 min qty
Mini Ear Buds
Customised Mini Earbuds are a fun way to maximise your brand’s visibility.
from $3.61 to $2.55 ea
100 min qty
Retractable Ear Buds
These branded Retractable Earbuds are ideal for people who are always on-the-go.
from $3.20 to $2.61 ea
100 min qty
Carabiner Bluetooth Speaker
Embrace the latest trend and attract the modern-age customers with these customised Carabiner Bluetooth Speakers.
from $18.46 to $14.06 ea
25 min qty
Boost Bluetooth Speaker
Grab everyone’s attention and boost your sales with these printed Boost Bluetooth Speakers.
from $20.15 to $15.44 ea
10 min qty
Thump Bluetooth Speaker
Thump Bluetooth Speakers are compact but surprisingly come with enormous sound and extraordinary promotional potential.
from $24.45 to $18.65 ea
10 min qty
Swiss Peak 4 In 1 Speaker
Arm up your next ad campaign with these personalised Swiss Peak 4-in-1 Speakers that are sure to impress.
from $93.79 to $70.58 ea
5 min qty
Nucleus Bluetooth Earbuds
Catch everyone’s attention at your next campaign event with these customised Nucleus Bluetooth Earbuds.
from $13.61 to $10.65 ea
25 min qty
Universal Bluetooth Headphone
Custom imprint these Universal Bluetooth Headphones and they would make a stylish way to promote your next campaign.
from $40.95 to $32.47 ea
100 min qty
Worldly Noise Cancelling Headphone
Sit back, relax, and enjoy a superb music experience with these customised Worldly Noise Cancelling Headphones.
from $42.63 to $37.27 ea
500 min qty
Solar Powered Bluetooth Speaker
Party all day long with these printed Solar Powered Bluetooth Speakers.
from $32.42 to $25.70 ea
100 min qty
Sync Headphones
Keep your focus in play or work with the customised Sync Headphones!
from $70.58 to $56.07 ea
100 min qty
Bluetooth Waterproof Shower Speaker
Custom Bluetooth Waterproof Shower Speakers make an impressive option for your wireless listening needs.
from $24.03 to $21.60 ea
50 min qty
Partner Earbuds
Customised Partner Earbuds are a fantastic way to attract the attention of your modern-day audience.
from $11.13 to $8.80 ea
50 min qty
Stretchy Wireless Headset
Printed Stretchy Wireless Headsets make a smart gift for music lovers, sports enthusiasts, and people on-the-go.
from $14.05 to $12.77 ea
50 min qty
Foldable Wireless Headphones
Be free from wires by connecting these personalised Foldable Wireless Headphones to your device.
from $32.67 to $30.37 ea
50 min qty
Hum Stereo Headphones
Set your promotion to music with Personalised Hum Stereo Headphones.
from $8.45 to $7.36 ea
100 min qty
Earbuds In Plastic Tube
Earbuds in Plastic Tube can be customised with your name and logo to easily deliver your message, even on the go.
from $4.57 to $3.48 ea
100 min qty
Prodigy Bluetooth Speaker
Enjoy up to 5 hours of your favourite beat with these promotional Prodigy Bluetooth Speakers.
from $23.63 to $18.36 ea
25 min qty
Rubik Cube Wireless Speaker
Promotional Rubik Cube Wireless Speakers make awesome give-aways for tech-themed trade shows.
from $61.40 to $49.99 ea
10 min qty
Compact Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker
Customised Compact Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker can be easily recharged from a laptop.
from $67.68 to $54.32 ea
25 min qty
Groovy Speaker Wireless Charger
Customised Groovy Speaker Wireless Chargers have a 400mAh battery capacity and play music for 2 to 3 hours.
from $27.31 to $21.38 ea
25 min qty
Artemis Bluetooth Speaker Vacuum Bottle
Printed Artemis Bluetooth Speaker Vacuum Bottles have a built-in water-resistant Bluetooth speaker.
from $37.79 to $29.89 ea
25 min qty
Leyton Bluetooth Speaker Wireless Charger
Branded Leyton Bluetooth Speaker Wireless Chargers feature a 3 watt speaker output.
from $26.99 to $21.40 ea
100 min qty
Gossip Headset
Branded Gossip Headsets are a must-have for lockdown days.
from $37.46 to $28.81 ea
50 min qty

Love listening to music? We have a huge range of customised audio products for you! We feature everything, from speakers to headphones; and we also have traditional wired and wireless versions. These items can be branded with your logo, name, or artwork, and are offered at great prices. Whether you’re a musician or a traveller who loves music, you’ll enjoy our vast range of audio products. Most of the items in this category are neatly packed in a box, making them a nice choice for gift-giving. So if you’re looking for a cool gift for your customers, brother, sister, best friend, colleague, or special someone, this is the place to be.

Our music products are some of the best-selling on our site. Since most people today own various kinds of gadgets, audio accessories have quickly become in demand. This is also the reason why many companies today use audio products to promote and attract more customers. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in; an audio product that is branded with your logo will help you get the attention you’re looking for. Our range of audio items includes traditional ear phones, wireless ear buds, bluetooth headphones, waterproof speakers, alarm clock radios, and more. Explore our complete range, choose your favourite, and add your logo to create the perfect promotional tech products for your business.

Of course, aside from music products, we also supply custom iPad and iPhone accessories that can be branded with your logo and name. We have tablet stand holders, phone stands, phone cases, selfie sticks, webcam covers, RFID smartphone pouches, and more.