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Nurse Watches

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Nurse FOB Watch
Nurse FOB Watch can be sublimation or custom screen printed with a design.
from $4.22 to $3.04 ea
100 min qty
Silicone Nurse Watch Analogue
Promotional Silicone Nurse Watches Analogue are great for medical suppliers.
from $16.22 to $12.49 ea
100 min qty
Sanger Nurses Watch
On duty nurses need Printed Sanger Nurses Watches.
from $16.79 to $12.93 ea
100 min qty
Silicone Nurse Watch
Silicone Nurse Watches are ideal for nurses or staff in the medical profession.
from $22.37 to $9.77 ea
100 min qty
Nightingale Metal Watch
Clip on this practical personalised Nightingale Metal Watch for a successful shift.
from $68.66 to $27.67 ea
25 min qty
Our branded Queensway watches feature a polished, alloy case, complete with a dial with heart rate calculator markers.
from $68.66 to $27.67 ea
25 min qty

We stock a variety of Nurse Watches which can be clipped to a uniform and kept with you at all times. Choose from budget-friendly coloured silicone watches or stylish silver chain watches. In a field of work where time is of the essence, our Nurse Watches always make sure you are where you need to be! Each watch can be customised with a hospital or practice name and gifted to hard-working medical professionals on your team. Some of our watches feature scratch resistant lenses, are showerproof and have a pulse rate calculators. They can be ordered in bulk quantities to suit the size of your business.