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House Accessories

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Colourful Clothes Hanger
Colourful Clothes Hangers can be pad printed with your logo or name.
from $1.79 to $1.64 ea
100 min qty
Door Hanging Plastic Bag Holder
Branded Door Hanging Plastic Bag Holders are great to use for recycling.
from $2.10 to $1.85 ea
100 min qty
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LED Ready Light
Promotional LED Ready Lights provide the perfect atmosphere for any event or setting.
from $6.29 to $5.61 ea
100 min qty
Foldable Jewellery Bag
Printed Foldable Jewellery Bags contain a ring holder and have a strap closure.
from $8.11 to $5.18 ea
50 min qty
Glass Cleaner
Promotional Glass Cleaners have Ergonomic handles with built-in vaporizer.
from $8.16 to $5.53 ea
50 min qty
Barco Ceramic Vase
Spoil your fundraising donors with Printed Barco Ceramic Vases.
from $8.32 to $5.78 ea
50 min qty
Bamboo Household Brush
Branded Bamboo Household Brushes can scrub mats, floors and pavements.
from $12.44 to $6.80 ea
100 min qty
Orbit Motion Detector
DIY shows choose Customised Orbit Motion Detectors to offer as give-aways.
from $16.59 to $14.04 ea
50 min qty
Groovy Glitter Table Light
Promotional Groovy Glitter Table Lights are fun give-aways that will get noticed!
from $16.65 to $15.05 ea
96 min qty
Metal Seed Tool With Bottle Opener
Branded Metal Seed Tool With Bottle Openers also measure plant growth.
from $21.60 to $4.66 ea
150 min qty
Benson Bear Plush Pillow
People will cuddle up to your message with Promotional Benson Bear Plush Pillows.
from $24.06 to $21.26 ea
25 min qty
Uzzo Humidifier
Beauty salons choose Promotional Uzzo Humidifiers as welcome gifts.
from $24.95 to $17.56 ea
25 min qty
Ravenna LED Table Lamp
Branded Ravenna LED Table Lamps Light up your Company Name.
from $29.70 to $21.90 ea
25 min qty
Zaffino Humidifier
Branded Zaffino Humidifiers have multi colour illumination.
from $30.62 to $22.15 ea
25 min qty
Magnetic Plate Night Time Light
Customised Magnetic Plate Night Time Lights are ideal for dimly-lit environments.
from $35.76 to $25.79 ea
100 min qty
Prime Humidifier
Get a restful night’s sleep with these lovely Custom Prime Humidifiers.
from $39.01 to $28.93 ea
25 min qty
Music Lamp
Promotional Music Lamps can be charged via Micro USB cable.
from $59.80 to $46.02 ea
25 min qty
Portable Ozone Generator
Printed Portable Ozone Generators are great gifts for wellness centres to offer to clients.
from $85.37 to $62.60 ea
10 min qty
360 Degree Secuirty Camera
Branded 360 Degree Security Cameras are perfect gifts to hand out at lifestyle-themed trade shows.
from $139.20 to $106.26 ea
10 min qty

Home care is one of the most fun item categories for promotional items because of the sheer number of possibilities. Our collection of house accessories are varied in uses but they are sure to be helpful in managing everyday life at your home. No matter what lifestyle of the house, they will find a use for a personalised accessories. Take your pick from, lighters, to book lights, to mini brush and dustpans, to ice buckets. Your logo can be imprinted on these items, too, for some brand exposure to family and houseguests alike. Get these awesome promotional giveaways to cement your business as a household name.