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We supply a huge range of quality promotional bags with personalisation options to suit whatever need you could throw at us. Let us take care of all your promotional bags needs and you surely won’t be disappointed!

Whatever sort of custom bag you have in mind for your conference or event, you’ll find it here. Have a browse around and find one you like and let us know and we’ll take care of the rest!

Our Popular Promotional Products in Bags

Waist Belt Bag
Waist Belt Bags are ideal bum bags with padded adjustable waist strap and large main compartment for trade show promo gifts.
from $17.82 to $15.44 ea
25 min qty
Small Bum Bag
Small Bum Bags to wear around the waist with an adjustable waist strap, reflective piping straps and side release clip.
from $10.20 to $9.18 ea
100 min qty
Executive Sport Bag
Executive Sport Bag with retail quality finish are perfect for corporate travel sports bags or premium gifts for your executive clients.
from $38.61 to $33.46 ea
25 min qty
Team Sports Kit Bag
Team Sports Kit Bag is the biggest sports bag we have with huge 105 litre capacity for all your club's sports gear and equipment.
from $50.33 to $43.62 ea
25 min qty
Sports Backpack
Sports Backpacks in sleek design with contrasting panel colours for a large sports backpack ideal as promotional gifts to club members.
from $36.38 to $31.03 ea
10 min qty
Gusseted Conference Bag
Gusseted Conference Bags in black, royal blue or navy blue bag colours come with attractive metal eyelets
from $3.08 to $2.17 ea
100 min qty
Colorado Trolley Bag
Colorado Trolley Bags have a huge 25 litre capacity on durable wheels making high quality promo gift items for your company.
from $57.75 to $46.12 ea
25 min qty
Nylon Wheelie Travel Bag
Nylon Wheelie Travel Bags are excellent for students and executives, making a fantastic addition to your range of promo items.
from $80.49 to $62.58 ea
25 min qty
Nylon Office Trolley Bag
Nylon Office Trolley Bags have enough room for everyday travel and will make a fantastic edition to your range of promotional merchandise
from $114.60 to $89.43 ea
50 min qty
Wheelie Shopping Bag
Wheelie Shopping Bags make shopping quick and easy and are excellent for promoting your brand to typical families.
from $25.27 to $18.97 ea
50 min qty
Promo Short Handle  Bag
Promo Short Handle Bags with large main compartment are an excellent choice in enviro friendly promo bags
from $3.81 to $2.73 ea
100 min qty
Cotton  Back Pack
Cotton Library Back Packs are excellent promotional bags with an eco friendly theme
from $3.83 to $3.17 ea
100 min qty
Custom Chiller Bag
Custom Chiller Bags make great gift ideas for businesses that can hold a variety of lunch time items and keep them all cold at the same time
from $28.23 to $23.60 ea
25 min qty
Product Is On Sale
Chiller Lunch Bag
Chiller Lunch Bags are excellent cooler bags that have a main pouch, Velcro pocket and bonus mesh bottle holder pocket
from $9.30 to $7.70 ea
50 min qty
Urban Cooler Pack
Urban Cooler Packs make great lunch accessories that will keep the contents cold for long periods of time
from $12.50 to $10.50 ea
50 min qty
Edge Cooler Case
Edge Cooler Cases will keep its contents nice and cool while promoting your business with the large space available on the outside
from $20.98 to $17.92 ea
50 min qty
Deluxe Sports and Gym Bag
Deluxe Sports and Gym Bags are very popular promotional bags with screen printing or embroidery branding options.
from $36.15 to $30.46 ea
25 min qty
Large Kit Sports Bag
Large Kit Sports Bags make a stylish and practical value for money promotional product for your business
from $56.28 to $47.91 ea
25 min qty
Product Is On Sale
Imprinted Sports Bag
Imprinted Sports Bags make practical corporate merchandise giveaways and are a popular promo item.
from $18.33 to $15.02 ea
25 min qty
Gym and Exercise Bag
Gym and Exercise Bags make a stylish and practical value for money promotional product for your business.
from $33.84 to $28.46 ea
25 min qty
Corporate Backpack
Corporate Backpacks make for excellent corporate gift products as they come large compartments and padded straps for easy carrying.
from $38.95 to $32.89 ea
25 min qty
Daily Backpack
Daily Backpacks come with enough pockets and holders for your daily needs and serve as great corporate promotional tools.
from $39.28 to $33.18 ea
25 min qty
Budget Backpack
Budget Backpacks are great value promotional products that wont break marketing budget and have padded adjustable straps for comfortable use.
from $21.63 to $17.88 ea
25 min qty
Promotional Backpack
Promotional Backpacks are the versatile promotional product that makes an excellent corporate gift through its overall sleek and quality design.
from $36.48 to $30.75 ea
25 min qty
Casual Carry Bag
Casual Carry Bags are budget promotional overnight bags for conferences and conventions.
from $41.43 to $35.04 ea
25 min qty

Want to maximise the exposure of your business or charity? Choose our personalised bags. For years, bags have been one of top choices for advertising because they offer excellent branding spaces that allow your logo, name, message, or graphics to be seen by your target audience. Not to mention they are used on a daily basis and carried everywhere—from office to school, from grocery stores to beach. As the #1 supplier of promotional bags in Australia, whatever type of bag you need to boost your brand awareness, you’ll find it here. We have backpacks, conference bags, cooler bags, tote bags, sports bags, plastic bags, travel bags, laptop bags, compendiums, enviro bags, backsacks, clear bags, picnic sets, and shopping bags.

All our bags are made of high-quality materials, and decorated using the latest printing technology, so your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Our team is also here to help you find the style that is perfect for your needs. Or, if you already have an idea in mind, just let us know the details and we will handle the rest. Promotional Products has been supplying quality promotional bags to clients for over 15 years, and we guarantee low prices, friendly customer service, and fast delivery all around Australia.

Bags remain a popular choice among businesses and organisations because they are versatile and widely used by almost every age group. Wherever we go, we always need a bag to carry our belongings. But of course, each bag is designed for a specific purpose. For instance, our promotional jute bags are perfect for eco-conscious shoppers or for companies that promote environmental awareness. Since these bags are made of natural fabric and can be reused, they are an excellent choice for eco-friendly campaigns.