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Promotional USB Drives

In this section you’ll find every type of available usb flash drives on the market. We have printed flash drives, usb drives, usb sticks, wooden flash drives, enviro usb flash drives, usb pens, flash drive pens and more. Every conceivable usb flash drive is here plus we can also customize your usb memory sticks with either printed corporate logo or have information preloaded on your flash memory sticks. We have only a two week production time for our usb flash drives and we have a range of memory available. To keep your flash drives economical you can choose a 512mb flash drive in a plastic housing or for the executive then consider a brushed metal flash drive with 8gb of memory. Flash drives are like having a portable hard drive in your pocket and most of them now hold more memory than what your average computer did 2 years ago. USB pen drives have also become very popular with their multi function use and with most of our usb pens having a metal casing you can laser engrave on them.

Our Popular Promotional Products in USB Flash Drives

High End Memory Stick
High End Memory Sticks will do their part in promoting your brand, with an unusual round look that will attract attention
from $5.04 to $3.14 ea
50 min qty
USB Wristband
USB Wristbands have high impact LED data transfer speeds and plenty of promotional promise
from $5.99 to $3.28 ea
50 min qty
Aluminium Flash Drive
Aluminium Flash Drives are marketing powerhouses and come with high end memory chips and sturdy exteriors
from $4.58 to $2.55 ea
50 min qty
Cheap USB Memory Stick
Cheap USB Memory Sticks have high transfer rates and are available with room for your business name and logo
from $4.58 to $2.51 ea
50 min qty
Deluxe Corporate USB Flash Drive
Deluxe Corporate USB Flash Drives bring the promotional power and come with up to 8GB of space per unit
from $4.58 to $2.55 ea
50 min qty
Laser Pointer Pen USB Drive
Laser Pointer Pen USB Drives are promotional devices with heaps of marketing appeal and up to 8GB of memory space per unit.
from $8.61 to $4.53 ea
50 min qty
Computer Flash Drive Stick
Computer Flash Drive Sticks are cheap to buy with memory prices continually plunging, plus we can customised these USB sticks with a printed logo
from $4.61 to $2.55 ea
50 min qty
Portable USB Stick
Portable USB Sticks are premium promotional items with plenty of memory choices and high quality memory chips available with 10 year warranty on data
from $5.75 to $3.58 ea
50 min qty
Swivel Flash Drive
Swivel Flash Drives are premium quality external usb drives.
from $5.15 to $3.20 ea
50 min qty
Rounded Flash Drive
Rounded Flash Drives are efficient cool usb drives.
from $6.04 to $3.79 ea
50 min qty
Wooden USB Flash Drive
Wooden USB Flash Drives are environmentally friendly external usb drives.
from $4.80 to $2.80 ea
50 min qty
Fishy Flash Drive
Fishy Flash Drives are economical and useful external usb drives.
from $6.53 to $4.04 ea
50 min qty
Coloured Handbag Flash Drive
Coloured Handbag Flash Drives are effective memory flash drives.
from $5.51 to $3.35 ea
50 min qty
Transparent USB Flash Drive
Swivel USB Flash Drives are available in various colours
from $4.58 to $2.64 ea
50 min qty
Slim Card USB Stick
Slim Card USB Sticks can fit into wallets and bags
from $4.59 to $2.81 ea
50 min qty
Bowling Pin USB Thumb Stick
Bowling Pin USB Thumb Sticks have a fun bowling pin design and shape
from $7.79 to $4.40 ea
50 min qty
Palus Memory Stick
Palus Memory Sticks are made from a metal material
from $4.96 to $3.04 ea
50 min qty
Metal Tube USB Flash Drive
Metal Tube USB Flash Drives are made from metal
from $6.60 to $4.36 ea
50 min qty
Racing Car USB Stick
Racing Car USB Sticks are available in sizes between 512mb and 32GB
from $8.80 to $6.30 ea
50 min qty
Cable Card Memory Stick
Cable Card Memory Sticks include a colourful swivel USB connector
from $7.19 to $4.59 ea
50 min qty
Square Shaped Memory Stick
Square Shaped Memory Sticks allow for creative customisation of your brand details
from $6.39 to $3.30 ea
50 min qty
Gandra Flash Drives are ideal for custom branding.
from $6.36 to $3.96 ea
50 min qty
Luxora Flash Drives measure 60mm x 14mm in size.
from $7.46 to $4.90 ea
50 min qty
3 Day Service Available
Pivot 4GB White Flash Drive Silver Clip
Personalised Pivot 4GB White Flash Drive Silver Clip has impressive read and write speeds.
50 min qty
3 Day Service Available
Pivot 8GB White Flash Drive
Custom Pivot 8GB White Flash Drives can be delivered within a few days.
50 min qty

Choose with confidence when selecting one of our flash drives. We use only quality Grade A memory chips and continually monitor the quality of our supply chain. With flash memory prices changing constantly, if you need to double check the current price then give us a call. Our flash drive prices are continually being updated to keep up with market prices but if you’re needing a confirmed price on say a 2GB usb drive then call us today. We believe our range of usb flash drives to be amongst the biggest offerings in Australia, so if you see another website offering an alternative shaped flash drive or better pricing on usb drives then call us and we’ll see if we can better it for you.