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Promotional Products is a premium supplier of promotional tape measures, tool kits, and measuring tapes in Australia. We offer a huge range of items including architect tape measures, torch tape measures, bullet metal torches, titan flashlights, LED torches, metal multi-tools and more. All our metal torches, plastic tape measures, tools sets and fisherman tools can be printed or engraved with your logo.

Depending on the type of promotional flashlights you choose it can be printed or possibly engraved with your corporate logo, giving your brand more exposure. We offer one of Australia’s best ranges of promotional torches including our handy night manager torches which come in their own gift box. All of our promotional handy man tools and torches are fully priced on the website. Please choose from our great range listed below.

Our Popular Promotional Products in Handyman

Camp and Travel Gadget
Camp and Travel Gadgets feature eight essential travel tools that give your brand a distinct promotional advantage
from $11.37 to $5.18 ea
50 min qty
Aluminium Flash Light
Aluminium Flash Lights are the promotional torches always in high demand for use at tradeshow conventions
from $6.88 to $6.02 ea
50 min qty
Promo Pocket Knife
Promo Pocket Knives are available in blue, charcoal, red, and silver and can make for the perfect promotional gift product
from $12.53 to $9.88 ea
50 min qty
Personalized Pocket Knife
Personalized Pocket Knives include a huge range of functions making it a great promotional gift item for a handy man or woman
from $14.16 to $9.79 ea
50 min qty
Quality Wooden Pocket Knife
Quality Wooden Pocket Knives are customized pocket knives that can be used to promote your business name
from $11.06 to $4.22 ea
50 min qty
Screwdriver Multi Tool Set
Screwdriver Multi Tool Sets with 11 different screwdriver bits and ruler calibrations are excellent promo products for custom engraving
from $23.16 to $10.45 ea
25 min qty
Compact Tool Kit
Compact Tool Kits make an excellent promotional gift idea with all the 25 piece tool features that are included
from $18.38 to $7.86 ea
25 min qty
Stainless Steel Pocket Knife
Stainless Steel Pocket Knives are economical promotional gifts.
from $8.77 to $5.01 ea
50 min qty
Timber & Stainless Steel Pocket Knife
Timber and Stainless Steel Pocket Knives are top rate corporate gifts.
from $16.20 to $9.87 ea
25 min qty
2M Plastic Tape Measure
2M Plastic Tape Measures are practical office products.
from $7.29 to $4.14 ea
50 min qty
5M Plastic Tape Measure
5M Plastic Tape Measures are durable hardware items.
from $11.15 to $6.90 ea
50 min qty
Blue Rubber Tape Measure
Blue Rubber Tape Measures are colourful promotional items.
from $11.63 to $7.25 ea
50 min qty
Multi Tooled Tape Package
Multi Tooled Tape Packages are top rate promotional products.
from $6.45 to $3.67 ea
50 min qty
Carpenters Tape Measure
Carpenter's Tape Measures are effective marketing promotional products.
from $15.03 to $9.68 ea
25 min qty
Cutting Tool
Cutting Tools are effective promotional hardware products.
from $1.69 to $1.00 ea
100 min qty
Mini Plastic Tool Set
Mini Plastic Tool Sets are economical branding marketing tools.
from $6.48 to $3.36 ea
50 min qty
LED Dynamo Torch
LED Dynamo Torches are great branding promotional torches.
from $6.64 to $3.66 ea
50 min qty
Easy Grip Torch
Easy Grip Torches are superior flashlights.
from $22.93 to $15.31 ea
25 min qty
Construction Head Torch
Construction Head Torches are quality flashlights.
from $15.75 to $9.53 ea
25 min qty
Hand Size Tool Kit
Hand Size Tool Kits will easily fit in a coat or trouser pocket.
from $2.74 to $2.19 ea
250 min qty
Functional Promo Pocket Knife Set
Functional Promo Pocket Knife Sets can be ordered in bulk quantities.
from $3.82 to $3.37 ea
250 min qty
Heart Tape Measure Necklace
Heart Tape Measure Necklaces can be personalized with a special message
from $2.44 to $2.10 ea
250 min qty
Pen Multi Tool
Pen Multi Tools are available in silver or black
from $6.17 to $4.99 ea
100 min qty
Tri Function Flashing Light
Promotional Tri Function Flashing Lights have three different light settings.
from $3.91 to $2.89 ea
100 min qty
Coloured Metal Torch with Key Tag
Coloured Metal Torch with Key Tags are available in three exciting colours.
from $5.13 to $3.39 ea
100 min qty

Whether it’s for your home or business, having a set of quality tools on hand is always a good idea. From repairing small machines to starting DIY projects, our promotional handyman tools and equipment will help you get the job done in no time. We carry a huge range of items, including screwdrivers, cutting tools, flashlights, tape measures, multi-purpose tools, and more. This collection also includes safety lights, headlamps, whistles, binoculars, power banks, emergency car tools, compasses, and pocket knives, which are all essential when you are outside hiking, camping, or travelling in a car. Keeping one or some of these items in your car or tool box will help you be prepared in many different circumstances.

For businesses and organisations, these promotional handyman tools and equipment are a brilliant option to promote. These items are used frequently and are carried everywhere. That means more exposure for you, especially if you have them imprinted with your company logo, name, or message. And since our tools are built with quality standards, they will stay with your recipients for a long time. If you want to surprise your favourite handyman or you’re looking for a cool favour for your next event, our quality tool sets make a great purchase. They are also a wonderful gift idea for car owners, on the go students, and outdoor lovers.

We also stock a range of personalised keyrings, all waiting to be branded with your company details. We have LED light keyrings, solar-powered custom torch keyrings, keyrings with safety whistle, and custom-shaped keyrings.