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Outdoor Items

Take the love for camping to greater heights with amazing promotional items for outdoor use. We have an amazing range of outdoor gear, all with their own practical use that will help your gift recipients survive and help your brand gain more recognition. We mean it when we say we have a wild range of choices. Take care of food worries with our BBQ sets, chairs and tables, cooler bags, and drink bottles. Keep the activities going with our cheering items, outdoor games, pedometers, picnic rugs and blankets, and picnic sets. Protect yourself from the elements with our binoculars, compasses, sunglasses, sunscreens, thongs, torches, and umbrellas. Your special logo can be applied to any of them for maximum promotional use!

Our Popular Promotional Products in Outdoors

Large Convention Cooler Bag
Promotional Cooler Bags with 20 litre capacity are ideal convention cooler bags to promote your business
from $28.71 to $24.88 ea
25 min qty
Dyno Hammer Torch
Customised Dyno Hammer Torches are the perfect solution to fire up your next advertising promo.
from $22.54 to $17.74 ea
50 min qty
Leisure BBQ Set
Leisure BBQ Sets can be customised with a logo or company name.
from $46.50 to $34.83 ea
25 min qty
Wheelie Shopping Bag
Wheelie Shopping Bags make shopping quick and easy and are excellent for promoting your brand to typical families.
from $25.27 to $18.97 ea
50 min qty
Versatile Beach Cooler
Versatile Beach Coolers hold 24 x 375ml cans and are available in red or blue cooler bags
from $28.35 to $20.51 ea
25 min qty
Promotional Just Chill Cooler Bag
Promotional Just Chill Coolers are made from 600 denier nylon and are ideal for quality promotional premiums
from $27.03 to $17.35 ea
25 min qty
Stylish Cooler Bag
Stylish Cooler Bags have a sporty exterior that will appeal to the active lifestyle business professionals
from $14.10 to $11.90 ea
50 min qty
Edge Cooler Case
Edge Cooler Cases will keep its contents nice and cool while promoting your business with the large space available on the outside
from $20.98 to $17.92 ea
50 min qty
Made in Australia
600ml Custom Branded Bottled Water
600ml Custom Branded Bottled Water can have a private label with your campaign details.
from $1.74 to $0.88 ea
240 min qty
Azure Binoculars
Azure Binoculars can be printed with your own personal logo.
from $11.15 to $8.83 ea
50 min qty
Red Tartan Picnic Rug
Have plush Red Tartan Picnic Rugs personalised for client or employee giveaways.
from $23.68 to $17.56 ea
25 min qty
3 Juggling Ball Set
3 Juggling Ball Sets are customised promotional products for those who like to play.
from $11.26 to $6.98 ea
50 min qty
Construction Head Torch
Construction Head Torches are quality flashlights.
from $18.16 to $11.98 ea
25 min qty
Plastic Flash Light
Plastic Flash Lights are economical and useful torches.
from $13.64 to $7.87 ea
25 min qty
Heart Flashing Safety Light
Heart Flashing Safety Lights are an effective promotional tool to get your brand noticed.
from $3.08 to $2.06 ea
100 min qty
White Straight Bang Bang Sticks
Keep it loud and simple with the promotional White Straight Bang Bang Sticks!
from $3.79 to $1.93 ea
250 min qty
Bang Bang Sticks
Make some noise for your team with the personalised Bang Bang Sticks!
from $1.03 to $0.46 ea
500 min qty
Travel Torch
Travel Torches comes with a wrist strap for easy carrying.
from $7.83 to $5.65 ea
50 min qty
Soccer Clapper
Score a goal in the stands with the custom Soccer Clapper!
from $2.78 to $2.49 ea
250 min qty
Mini Metal Promo Torch
Mini Metal Promo Torches are an excellent giveaway product.
from $8.72 to $7.17 ea
100 min qty
Heavy Metal Promo Torch
Heavy Metal Promo Torches have a minimum purchase order of 100 units.
from $6.87 to $5.05 ea
100 min qty
Wing Mini Promotional Torch
Wing Mini Promotional Torches are great value for money.
from $6.23 to $4.35 ea
100 min qty
Coloured Metal Torch with Key Tag
Coloured Metal Torch with Key Tags are available in three exciting colours.
from $5.82 to $3.86 ea
100 min qty
Outdoor Compass Keyring
Outdoor Compass Keyrings make fun and useful promotional tools.
from $4.13 to $3.03 ea
250 min qty
Quality Cooler Seat
Quality Cooler Seats are ultra portable and fold flat for storing
from $25.05 to $19.72 ea
25 min qty

Style and function can come together into one with our collection of outdoor specialty items. We have a lot to offer in this category and our selection won't disappoint even the most veteran outdoor adventurers. Practicality wins in arena of the wild, and our products have been designed around that idea. Our offerings are high quality tools and accessories that can also be dressed up as promotional items for your company. Logos and branding will be imprinted on your chosen products, to be distributed to your customers and advertised in places your campaigns couldn't reach before. Visit our website to view the fabulous promotional options we have ready for you!