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Promotional Products

Outdoor Items

Take the love for camping to greater heights with amazing promotional items for outdoor use. We have an amazing range of outdoor gear, all with their own practical use that will help your gift recipients survive and help your brand gain more recognition. We mean it when we say we have a wild range of choices. Take care of food worries with our BBQ sets, chairs and tables, cooler bags, and drink bottles. Keep the activities going with our cheering items, outdoor games, pedometers, picnic rugs and blankets, and picnic sets. Protect yourself from the elements with our binoculars, compasses, sunglasses, sunscreens, thongs, torches, and umbrellas. Your special logo can be applied to any of them for maximum promotional use!

Just a few of our best selling Promotional Products in Outdoors

Branded Picnic Backpack
Branded Picnic Backpacks made in stylish 600D black and 2-tone material finish are 4 person picnic backpacks for a corporate gift idea
from $56.25 to $47.45 ea
25 min qty
Polar Fleece Picnic Rug
High quality Polar Fleece Picnic Rugs can be custom printed or embroidered.
from $20.63 to $14.31 ea
25 min qty
Branded Cooler Bag Seat
Branded Cooler Bag Seats can be custom screen printed with your logo and are excellent promotional products to offer as corporate gifts
from $32.33 to $27.68 ea
25 min qty
BBQ Set And Apron
BBQ Sets And Apron can feature a promotional logo or event name.
from $30.00 to $24.35 ea
25 min qty
Knightsbridge Picnic Rug
Waterproof tartan Knightsbridge Picnic Rugs can be customised in full colour print.
from $26.76 to $18.58 ea
25 min qty
Sandhurst Picnic Rug
Multicoloured fleece Sandhurst Picnic Rugs make cheerful promotional items for summer.
from $31.25 to $22.03 ea
25 min qty
Two Tone Hacky Sack
Get your logo kicking around the beaches with Printed Two Tone Hacky Sacks.
from $1.47 to $1.35 ea
100 min qty
Solar Power Torch Keyring
Solar Power Torch Keyrings come with two white LED lights and rechrageable battery for a quality promotional gift idea
from $6.08 to $3.62 ea
50 min qty
Executive BBQ Set
Executive BBQ Sets are presented in a stylish aluminium carry case.
from $40.67 to $32.34 ea
50 min qty
Leisure BBQ Set
Leisure BBQ Sets can be customised with a logo or company name.
from $34.62 to $25.87 ea
50 min qty
Large Hand Klapper
The personalised Large Hand Klapper is a funny cheering tool that deserves its own applause!
from $2.37 to $1.72 ea
100 min qty
Mini Boules Set
Mini Boules Sets with your logo printed on the carrying case.
from $14.51 to $10.20 ea
50 min qty
Target Binoculars
Target Binoculars can be personalised with a company name or logo.
from $20.80 to $14.92 ea
50 min qty
Premium Binoculars
Premium Binoculars are great for gift shops, wildlife tours or outdoor events.
from $33.95 to $25.34 ea
50 min qty
Promotional Troops Compass
Promotional Troops Compasses feature a black strap.
from $3.41 to $2.78 ea
250 min qty
Maui Two Layer Thongs Vinyl Straps
Personalised Maui Two Layer Thongs Vinyl Straps can leave your logo in the sand.
from $23.61 to $21.39 ea
500 min qty
Waikiki Full Colour Thongs Natural Rubber Straps
Make high quality Waikiki Full Colour Thongs Natural Rubber Straps a unique customised giveaway.
from $23.86 to $22.78 ea
50 min qty
Pedometer Fitness Activity Tracker
Pedometer Fitness Activity Trackers are affordable customer and employee incentives.
from $28.22 to $27.56 ea
50 min qty

Style and function can come together into one with our collection of outdoor specialty items. We have a lot to offer in this category and our selection won't disappoint even the most veteran outdoor adventurers. Practicality wins in arena of the wild, and our products have been designed around that idea. Our offerings are high quality tools and accessories that can also be dressed up as promotional items for your company. Logos and branding will be imprinted on your chosen products, to be distributed to your customers and advertised in places your campaigns couldn't reach before. Visit our website to view the fabulous promotional options we have ready for you!