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Eco Friendly Lanyards

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10mm Screen Printed Lanyard
10mm Screen Printed Lanyards make promoting your brand super stylish and cost effective
from $1.42 to $0.81 ea
500 min qty
Custom Drink Bottle Neck Strap
Custom Drink Bottle Neck Straps are fantastic for promoting your brand to the active and busy executive client
from $1.42 to $1.00 ea
500 min qty
Recylced PET Material Lanyard
Recylced PET Material Lanyards will be a great success with customers and clients when they display your brands logo
from $1.89 to $0.90 ea
500 min qty
Deluxe Water Bottle Holder
Deluxe Water Bottle Holders can reach are made from recycled plastic and have a strong carry clip for drinks
from $2.02 to $1.17 ea
500 min qty
Wide Printed Neck Lanyard
Wide Printed Neck Lanyards will make a great addition to your range of customised, environmentally friendly merchandise
from $2.30 to $0.90 ea
2500 min qty
Bootlace Bamboo Lanyard
Bootlace Bamboo Lanyards are an eco friendly choice in lanyards that can be custom printed with your corporate logo
from $2.45 to $1.15 ea
100 min qty
Eco Friendly Lanyard
Eco Friendly Lanyards made from bamboo fibres in a flat woven style lanyard in 15mm width and a variety of colours
from $2.45 to $1.15 ea
100 min qty
Printed Enviro Friendly Lanyard
Custom Printed Lanyards are essential for promoting any brand with a professional and sustainable design
from $2.48 to $1.69 ea
250 min qty

Promotional lanyards, enviro lanyards, branded lanyards, executive lanyards, eco friendly lanyards and a lot more, all for your viewing and purchasing pleasure on our website. We boast a vast range of eco friendly lanyards that are made from completely natural materials or eco friendly materials that will not harm the environment.

Promote your business as an eco friendly alternative by promoting your business with our 10mm enviro lanyards, or our custom euro soft lanyards. We can screen print your business name directly onto our screen print neck lanyards so you can wear them around the office or on the job to help promote and advertise the business.