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Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are basic yet highly flexible clothing item. They can take you from professional to casual with just a change of accessories. Whether you need branded polo shirts in an event or other kinds of promotions, our range of high quality apparel should be your to-go collection! Featuring a variety of materials, sizes, colours, and purposes, our collection goes above and beyond to supply you with amazing quality and customisation options. Your brand can be displayed proudly through embroidery or screen printing processes. Choose from our cool dry polo shirts, cotton polo shirts, enviro polo shirts, high visibility polo shirts, kids polo shirts, ladies polo shirts, and mens polo shirts!

Our Popular Promotional Products in Polo Shirts

Signature Polo Shirt
Signature Polo Shirts are ideal for branding with your company logo for impactful outdoor event giveaways.
from $21.95 to $15.80 ea
25 min qty
Kids Contrast Polo Shirts
Kids Contrast Polo Shirts are meticulously designed for school uniforms with two-tone colour options.
from $21.27 to $15.22 ea
25 min qty
Ladies Contrast Polo
Ladies Contrast Polos come in 13 colour options to suit your branding needs, perfect for promotional events.
from $23.17 to $16.86 ea
25 min qty
Mens Poly Cotton Polo Long Sleeve
Choose our Embroidered Men's Poly Cotton Polos Long Sleeve from two classic colour options to suit your corporate image.
from $26.99 to $20.18 ea
25 min qty
Mens Cotton Jersey Polo Shirt
Cotton Jersey Men's Polo Shirts are tailored for distinction with personalised team emblems.
from $25.00 to $18.45 ea
25 min qty
Cotton Tipping Polo
Branded Cotton Tipping Polos are fabricated with 100% Cotton and finished in Jersey Knit for durability.
from $25.46 to $18.85 ea
25 min qty
Contrast Polo Shirt Long Sleeve
Contrast Polo Shirts Long Sleeves are the prime choice for branded employee uniforms.
from $29.12 to $22.02 ea
25 min qty
School Polo Shirt
School Polo Shirts are crafted from 100% polyester with a fabric weight of 160gsm, featuring a reduced snagging micro knit finish.
from $18.98 to $13.23 ea
25 min qty
Zip Podium Cool Poly Polo
Men's Podium Cool Zip Polo Shirts offer the perfect canvas for showcasing your personal logo or company name.
from $27.37 to $20.51 ea
25 min qty
Mens Biz Cool Splice Polo Shirt
Mens Biz Cool Splice Custom Polo Shirts are also available in kids sizes.
from $29.13 to $19.52 ea
25 min qty
Kids Poly Cotton Polo Shirt
Kids Poly Cotton Polo Shirts can be embroidered with your school name.
from $19.68 to $14.35 ea
50 min qty
Ladies Poly Cotton Polo Shirt
Ladies Poly Cotton Polo Shirts make superior promotional giveaways.
from $24.09 to $17.37 ea
25 min qty
Cheap Promotional Polo Shirt
Cheap Promotional Polo Shirt won’t break the bank for your next company event.
from $24.09 to $16.95 ea
25 min qty
Unisex Adults Golf Polo
Personalised Unisex Adults Golf Polos for men and ladies create a cohesive team look.
from $28.13 to $21.16 ea
25 min qty
Unisex Breezeway Waffle Weave Polo Shirt
Unisex Breezeway Waffle Weave Promotional Polo Shirts have a waffle weave jersey fabric and are great for golf shirts.
from $28.13 to $21.16 ea
25 min qty
Ladies Team Essential Contrast Panel Polo Shirt
Ladies Team Essential Contrast Panel Polo Shirts come branded and are made with 100 percent quick dry material.
from $26.48 to $19.73 ea
25 min qty
Mens Breezeway Panel Polo
Mens Breezeway Panel Polos are made with micromesh quick dry fabric and are perfect as part of a custom sports outfit.
from $23.18 to $16.87 ea
25 min qty
Kids Breezeway Contrast Polo
Kids Breezeway Contrast Polos are a stylish design that can be personalised.
from $22.44 to $16.23 ea
25 min qty
Breezeway Three Tone Polo Shirt
Breezeway Three Tone Polo Shirts are offered with embroidery and look smart with double striped sleeves.
from $23.18 to $16.87 ea
25 min qty
Ladies Fashion Polo Shirt
Custom brand our Ladies Fashion Polo Shirts for your next corporate event.
from $24.83 to $18.30 ea
25 min qty
Ladies Cotton Spandex Polo
Ladies Cotton Spandex Polos look awesome embroidered with your company name and graphics.
from $23.18 to $16.87 ea
25 min qty
Mens Victory Polo Shirt
Mens Victory Embroidered Polo Shirts are designed with CoolDry fabric to keep you fresh.
from $23.60 to $17.05 ea
25 min qty
Ladies Victory Polo Shirt
Ladies Victory Custom Polo Shirts are fitted with CoolDry fabric to help you stay fresh.
from $22.94 to $16.48 ea
25 min qty
Kids True Dry Polo Shirt
Kids TrueDry Customised Polo Shirts come in several colours and sizes.
from $21.95 to $15.62 ea
25 min qty
Ladies Marathon Polo Shirt Long Sleeves
Ladies Marathon Polo Shirts Long Sleeve can be branded with a team or company logo.
from $23.60 to $17.05 ea
25 min qty

Outfitting your clients and crew with the appropriate attire is one amazing way to show off your bright and bold branding. These high quality clothing items will be greatly appreciated by anyone who receives them. It's a look anybody can wear, whether the day is just a stroll in the park or a good dinner. They will enjoy the great feel and look of these flexible shirts. Your brand will gain excellent exposure the more they wear these apparel. Not only do you encourage your partners in business to get excited about your brand once again, you will also entice others to be curious and look into what your company has to offer. Your marketing campaign will be greatly helped by implementing branded polo shirts into your strategy.