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Sports and adventure brands will likely agree that the towel is an important accessory in an athlete's arsenal. Get the most out of a promotional towel corporate giveaway and apply your branding onto this product! We are able to customise each piece from our selection of beach, gold, and sports towels. While they may have different functions and styles in mind, all our towels are made of the high quality material that makes it a practical accessory for all recipients. No matter the size and colour, we will supply you with a truly personalised option that will elevate your branding!

Our Popular Promotional Products in Towels

Micrifibre Towel In Bag
Micrifibre towels in bags that can be printed for decoration.
from $7.66 to $6.08 ea
50 min qty
Cheap Large Golf Towel
Endure the high sun with the customised Cheap Large Golf Towel!
from $12.06 to $8.57 ea
50 min qty
Copacabana Beach Towel
Music and passion are always the fashion with Custom Copacabana Beach Towels!
from $46.05 to $29.53 ea
25 min qty
Waikiki Beach Towel
Rush into the summer season with colourful Branded Waikiki Beach Towels.
from $30.68 to $22.70 ea
50 min qty
Fitness Towel
Custom fitness towels ideal for just any sporting activity.
from $14.52 to $8.01 ea
25 min qty
Sports Towel With Pocket
Sports towels with pockets perfect for your promotional needs.
from $17.67 to $10.32 ea
25 min qty
Anti Bacterial Fitness Towel
Branded anti-bacterial fitness towels perfect for workouts.
from $17.55 to $12.60 ea
48 min qty
Diamond Sports Towel
Diamond sports towels for rallying up team spirit.
from $11.00 to $7.04 ea
48 min qty
Jewel Sports Towel
Custom jewel sports towels ideal for fitness junkies.
from $13.50 to $8.89 ea
48 min qty
Sunset Beach Towel
Offer clients Printed Sunset Beach Towels printed with your logo as a welcome gift.
from $37.20 to $28.47 ea
48 min qty
Red Hibiscus Design Beach Towel
Show your bold company image on these Custom Red Hibiscus Design Beach Towels.
from $28.80 to $27.13 ea
48 min qty
Baseball Shaped Sports Towel
Branded baseball shaped sports towels that make you look fierce.
from $15.29 to $10.18 ea
48 min qty
Soccer Ball Shaped Sports Towel
Soccer ball shaped sports towels perfect for soccer lovers.
from $15.29 to $10.18 ea
48 min qty
Tennis Ball Shaped Sports Towel
Personalised tennis ball shaped sports towels for the fans.
from $15.29 to $10.18 ea
48 min qty
Microfibre Waffle Caddy Towel
The customised Microfibre Waffle Caddy Towel is the helpful hand at keeping your gear dry!
from $22.19 to $15.97 ea
48 min qty
Small Full Colour Printed Towel
Customised small full colour printed towels for any occasion.
from $33.29 to $10.60 ea
5 min qty
Lightweight Soft Touch Sports Towel
Use lightweight soft touch sports towels in your promotional campaign.
from $9.05 to $5.27 ea
48 min qty
Midweight Sports Towel
Customised midweight sports towels that will boost your morale.
from $11.36 to $7.41 ea
48 min qty
Hamilton Microfibre Towel
Hamilton Microfibre Sports Towels are produced in blue.
from $5.76 to $4.29 ea
100 min qty
Full Colour Advertising Towel
Make your next marketing event extra fun with these printed Full Colour Advertising Towels.
from $31.35 to $25.03 ea
25 min qty
Product Is On Sale
Compressed Sports Towel
Promotional Compressed Sports Towels make unusual and fun promotional hand outs.
from $3.97 to $2.94 ea
100 min qty
Cool It Sports Towel In Water Bottle
Personalised Cool It Sports Towel In Water Bottles take the sweat out of your next promotion.
from $10.36 to $8.97 ea
50 min qty
Important Info3 Day Service Available
Outdoor Cooling Towel
Branded Outdoor Cooling Towels are the coolest idea around.
from $3.59 to $3.11 ea
100 min qty
Firenze Bath Mat
Your logo has a soft landing with Custom Firenze Bath Mats.
from $21.38 to $12.54 ea
25 min qty
Roma Face Washer Towel
Custom Roma Face Washer Towels make great golf towels.
from $6.84 to $4.24 ea
50 min qty

An athlete may probably never have enough towels. Their level of activity makes sure that this is one of their most important items that they should have all of the time. Be the brand that supports their active lifestyle by choosing absorbent, high quality towels as the promotional item of choice! Our supply of great towels, specialised for sports, golf, or beach use, is augmented by our special customisation feature. We also apply your logo or other branding materials onto each item. Your business can be known as a special brand through these awesome corporate giveaways! Promotional Products will help you create this relationship with your clients and future customers!