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Beach Towels
Beach Towels53 items
Golf Towels
Golf Towels17 items

Sports and adventure brands will likely agree that the towel is an important accessory in an athlete's arsenal. Get the most out of a promotional towel corporate giveaway and apply your branding onto this product! We are able to customise each piece from our selection of beach, gold, and sports towels. While they may have different functions and styles in mind, all our towels are made of the high quality material that makes it a practical accessory for all recipients. No matter the size and colour, we will supply you with a truly personalised option that will elevate your branding!

Just a few of our best selling Promotional Products in Towels

Microfibre Sports Towel
Customised microfibre sports towels for the hardworking sportsperson.
from $7.20 to $4.42 ea
50 min qty
Bahama Striped Beach Towel
Bahama Striped Beach Towels come in assorted striped colours
from $28.43 to $19.43 ea
50 min qty
PhotoPlus Sports Towel
PhotoPlus Sports Towels can be customised to match your style.
from $15.93 to $12.74 ea
50 min qty
Diamond Collection Golf Towel
The custom Diamond Collection Golf Towel is a premium towel to keep your gear as good as new!
from $12.65 to $8.05 ea
48 min qty

An athlete may probably never have enough towels. Their level of activity makes sure that this is one of their most important items that they should have all of the time. Be the brand that supports their active lifestyle by choosing absorbent, high quality towels as the promotional item of choice! Our supply of great towels, specialised for sports, golf, or beach use, is augmented by our special customisation feature. We also apply your logo or other branding materials onto each item. Your business can be known as a special brand through these awesome corporate giveaways! Promotional Products will help you create this relationship with your clients and future customers!