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Sports and adventure brands will likely agree that the towel is an important accessory in an athlete's arsenal. Get the most out of a promotional towel corporate giveaway and apply your branding onto this product! We are able to customise each piece from our selection of beach, gold, and sports towels. While they may have different functions and styles in mind, all our towels are made of the high quality material that makes it a practical accessory for all recipients. No matter the size and colour, we will supply you with a truly personalised option that will elevate your branding!

Our Popular Promotional Products in Towels

Gym Towel
Branded Gym Towels perfect for people who love working out.
from $12.48 to $9.45 ea
50 min qty
Microfibre Gym Towel
Microfibre Gym Towels that come with a plastic cylinder packager.
from $16.42 to $11.01 ea
25 min qty
Seychelles Beach Towel
Personalised Seychelles Beach Towels make awesome give-aways when guests arrive at your vacation lodge.
from $51.10 to $39.74 ea
25 min qty
Swing Golf Towel
Designed for convenience, the customised Swing Golf Towel is all you need on the green!
from $14.93 to $9.72 ea
25 min qty
Tone On Tone Velour Beach Towel
Branded Tone On Tone Velour Beach Towels have a classy, sophisticated look.
from $34.95 to $20.66 ea
50 min qty
Elite Sports Towel
Elite Sports Towels that can be personalised for brand identification.
from $10.82 to $7.44 ea
50 min qty
Two Tone Golf Towel
The promotional Two Tone Golf Towel serves up some style!
from $30.02 to $22.85 ea
48 min qty
Anti Bacterial Fitness Towel
Branded anti-bacterial fitness towels perfect for workouts.
from $18.50 to $13.35 ea
48 min qty
Diamond Sports Towel
Diamond sports towels for rallying up team spirit.
from $14.51 to $8.24 ea
48 min qty
Barbados Beach Towel
Offers guests a touch of luxury with our Printed Barbados Beach Towels.
from $75.64 to $58.91 ea
48 min qty
Soccer Ball Shaped Sports Towel
Soccer ball shaped sports towels perfect for soccer lovers.
from $15.91 to $10.54 ea
48 min qty
Microfibre Waffle Weave Large Golf Towel
Dry off your equipment with the custom Microfibre Waffle Weave Large Golf Towel!
from $18.53 to $13.91 ea
48 min qty
Caribbean Beach Towel
Cuddle up on these awesome round Promotional Caribbean Beach Towels!
from $37.22 to $25.81 ea
25 min qty
Yeti Premium Cooling Towel
Encourage healthy lifestyle with these promotional Yeti Premium Cooling Towels.
from $4.72 to $3.85 ea
50 min qty
Sports Cooling Towel
Freeze up the opposition with Promotional Sports Cooling Towels.
from $18.77 to $15.85 ea
50 min qty
These superior Customised Lapseki beach towels are made from 100% cotton.
from $28.20 to $18.57 ea
50 min qty
Milano Bath Mat
Choose Custom Milano Bath Mats to complete your décor theme.
from $21.38 to $12.54 ea
25 min qty
Firenze Hand Towel
Wow your guests with Branded Firenze Hand Towels.
from $14.94 to $7.75 ea
25 min qty
Roma Bath Mat
Accessorise your hotel bathrooms with Branded Roma Bath Mats.
from $17.34 to $10.04 ea
25 min qty
Mini Polyester Cooling Towel In Case
Personalised Mini Polyester Cooling Towels In Case keep you cool on-the-go.
from $4.93 to $4.40 ea
250 min qty
Quick Dry Cooling Towel in Pouch
Send your logo to the beach on Branded Quick Dry Cooling Towels in Pouch.
from $9.87 to $9.01 ea
100 min qty
Coral Beach Towel
The printed coral beach towel is a luxuriously soft, cotton towel.
from $15.68 to $12.73 ea
25 min qty
Cooling Towel In Carabiner Case
Get your brand seen coast to coast with Custom Cooling Towels In Carabiner Case.
from $10.84 to $9.90 ea
100 min qty
Beat The Heat Cooling Towel
Customised Beat The Heat Cooling Towels help to reduce odour and cool you down.
from $7.28 to $5.99 ea
100 min qty
Frosty Cooling Towel
Printed Frosty Cooling Towels are activated by immersing under cool water before use.
from $7.35 to $6.62 ea
100 min qty

An athlete may probably never have enough towels. Their level of activity makes sure that this is one of their most important items that they should have all of the time. Be the brand that supports their active lifestyle by choosing absorbent, high quality towels as the promotional item of choice! Our supply of great towels, specialised for sports, golf, or beach use, is augmented by our special customisation feature. We also apply your logo or other branding materials onto each item. Your business can be known as a special brand through these awesome corporate giveaways! Promotional Products will help you create this relationship with your clients and future customers!