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Sunscreens & Body Lotions

Bath & Spa
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Lip Balms
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Oral Care
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Sun Screen
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As a specialised supplier of bulk promotional sunscreen lotions, sunscreen tubes and sunscreen satchets. Alongside our extensive range of UV sunscreens we also offer some quality bodycare promotional items such as bottled bath salts, bath beads and hotel guest soaps. All our sunscreen products are either made locally in Australia, New Zealand or Germany.

We supply quality 30+ sunscreen lotions in a bulk 65ml tube or you can choose from our budget 2 gram satchets that also contain 30plus sunscreen lotion. Our range of sunblock lotions also includes zinc satchets that come in assorted colours and are great as kids sunscreen.

Just a few of our best selling Promotional Products in Sunscreens & Bodycare

Sun Protection Lip Balm
Sun Protection Lip Balm with a strong SPF 30+ rating comes in a white tube that looks great with a custom printed logo
from $4.62 to $3.50 ea
100 min qty
Leather Look Manicure Set
Leather Look Manicure Sets make classy custom give-aways for business luncheons.
from $5.68 to $4.30 ea
100 min qty
Wide Lip Balm Tube
Wide Lip Balm Tubes are thicker than your average lip balm tube and will get your corporate message out there
from $2.48 to $2.07 ea
10000 min qty
Clever Lip Balm Case
Clever Lip Balm Cases look like a traditional compact, with a clear clamshell exterior and corporate branding space
from $3.47 to $2.46 ea
150 min qty
Antibacterial Clip Spray
Antibacterial Clip Sprays will keep things clean and promote your marketing message simultaneously
from $3.45 to $2.40 ea
150 min qty
Dental Floss Dispenser
Dental Floss Dispensers are shaped like teeth and are attached to key chains for maximum marketing potential
from $57.49 to $2.08 ea
150 min qty
Colourful Bubble Bath Bottle
Colourful Bubble Bath Bottles are stylish and relaxing promo products that make great business gift products
from $4.96 to $3.48 ea
150 min qty
Bubble Bath Small Tube
The branded Bubble Bath Small Tube are soapy scents that will enhance the bathttub experience at your establishment!
from $4.35 to $3.16 ea
150 min qty
Promotional Bath Salts Jar
Promotional Bath Salts Jars are relaxing promotional gift products that will add a beautiful aroma to your bath
from $3.91 to $2.61 ea
150 min qty
Small Hand and Body Lotion Tube
Small Hand and Body Lotion Tubes are good promotional products that can be used to promote your business in a fun way
from $4.65 to $3.38 ea
150 min qty
Mini Promotional Foot Spray
Mini Promotional Foot Sprays are fun promotional items that will be desirable to workers who are on their feet all day
from $4.58 to $3.33 ea
150 min qty
Tropical Travel Pack
Tropical Travel Packs are wonderful customer rewards or employee gifts.
from $6.16 to $4.77 ea
150 min qty
Pump Spray Sanitiser
Pump Spray Sanitiser keeps hands clean and provides great brand recognition for your company
from $1.75 to $1.29 ea
150 min qty
Handy Sanitiser Gel
Handy Sanitiser Gel can be branded with your promotional message for your next customised marketing campaign
from $1.83 to $1.36 ea
150 min qty
Special Shaped Emery Board
Printed Special Shaped Emery Boards can be made with a heart, ribbon, flower or any custom shape you want.
from $0.54 to $0.28 ea
3000 min qty
Promotional Aloe Pocket Spray
Promotional Aloe Pocket Sprays are fabulous promotional marketing ideas which feature 50ml of soothing Aloe Vera.
from $3.96 to $2.80 ea
150 min qty
Portable Spray Sanitiser
Portable Spray Sanitisers can be pad or full colour digital printed on the label
from $3.45 to $2.40 ea
150 min qty
Organza Wrapped 100gm Soap Bar
Elegant promotional Organza Wrapped 100gm Soap Bars are the ultimate gift for a luxurious touch!
from $6.23 to $4.04 ea
150 min qty
70ml 30+ Hands Free Sunscreen
High quality 70ml 30+ Hands Free Sunscreen bottles are available to be branded with logos.
from $5.35 to $4.13 ea
100 min qty
35ml 50+ Sunscreen Tube
Ramp up summer business with pocket sized promotional 35ml 50+ Sunscreen Tubes.
from $4.77 to $3.16 ea
100 min qty
60ml 50+ Sunscreen Container With Carabiner
Portable 60ml 50+ Sunscreen Containers With Carabiners have ample space to be branded with your logo.
from $8.88 to $3.73 ea
50 min qty
Island Aloe Vera Soothing Gel
Island Aloe Vera Soothing Gels are easy to carry to your outdoor events.
from $5.07 to $3.59 ea
100 min qty
Royale Insect Lotion
Royale Insect Lotion Sprays are handy to keep in your sports bag.
from $5.70 to $3.85 ea
100 min qty
Performance Insect Lotion
Performance Insect Lotion Sprays can easily be customised.
from $7.94 to $5.15 ea
50 min qty

Our vast range of promotional sunscreen lotions makes it easy to find the right promotional gift. With sun block cream, zinc sunscreens, zinc tubes and pad printed sunscreen tubes you are sure to find something suitable for your promotion. Add our choice of lip balms, soaps and bath beads and salts and you have a wonderful array of promotional products to choose from. We have been servicing Australian companies for over 10 years now so you know you can order your products with confidence when ordering with us.