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Corporate Novelty Gifts

A little bit of this, a little bit of that - but all in all, a whole lot of fun! Novelty items may not be the most practical in the arena of promotional products, but these quirky items definitely make a statement about your company and your brand! Use our high quality fun novelty items for your next giveaway, and we will make sure that your branding will look spectacular on our lighthearted toys.

Choose from a range of cheering items, face paint, inflatables, plush toys, tattoos and rubber ducks for some quirk at home. Enjoy our novelty pens, piggy banks, stress balls and other accessories for some fun at work. We have the right customisable items for you and your brand!

Our Popular Promotional Products in Novelty

Colourful Hand Klapper
The branded Colourful Hand Klappers are great party favours at any event!
from $1.58 to $1.19 ea
250 min qty
Whistle Keychain
The custom Whistle Keychain gives an audio and visual signal of where your keys might be!
from $7.64 to $1.95 ea
50 min qty
38mm x 51mm Temporary Tattoo
38mm x 51mm Temporary Tattoos are a great way to promote your business at events.
from $1.75 to $0.36 ea
200 min qty
51mm x 76mm Temporary Tattoo
51mm x 76mm Temporary Tattoos are the perfect way to market your brand.
from $2.80 to $0.45 ea
200 min qty
Magic Block
Promotional Magic Blocks can be manipulated to reveal different ads.
from $9.48 to $2.98 ea
300 min qty
Magic Disk
Personalised Magic Disks are interactive promotional product that will bring lots of attention.
from $16.10 to $4.89 ea
300 min qty
Mini Magic Orbit
Customised Mini Magic Orbits are cool-looking promotional products perfect for conventions.
from $13.99 to $4.79 ea
300 min qty
Harry Hippo
Harry Hippos are great giveaways for zoos and animal welfare charities.
from $29.42 to $20.80 ea
25 min qty
Back Scratcher Hand And Shoehorn
Customised Back Scratcher Hand and Shoehorns are useful and economical.
from $3.81 to $2.40 ea
100 min qty
Bang Bang Sticks
Make some noise for your team with the personalised Bang Bang Sticks!
from $1.34 to $0.76 ea
500 min qty
Bone Shape Thundersticks
Let the dogs out and cheer your heart out with the customised Bone Shape Thundersticks!
from $3.65 to $2.07 ea
250 min qty
Novelty 2 in 1 Pen
Novelty 2 in 1 Pens are silver with a contrasting colour.
from $2.68 to $2.34 ea
250 min qty
Sleek Baseball Pen
Sleek Baseball Pens is a 2-in-1 gift idea.
from $4.54 to $2.95 ea
150 min qty
Promotional Floating Heart Pen
Promotional Floating Heart Pens have a stylish design.
from $6.52 to $5.00 ea
150 min qty
Promotional Knee Pen
Promotional Knee Pens are excellent for the medical industry.
from $3.98 to $2.45 ea
150 min qty
Promotional 2 in 1 Tennis Pen
Promotional 2 in 1 Tennis Pens are of superior quality.
from $4.54 to $2.95 ea
150 min qty
Green Chilli Shaped Pen
Green Chilli Shaped Pens are excellent show bag fillers.
from $3.44 to $2.07 ea
150 min qty
Promotional Silver Wrench Pen
Promotional Silver Wrench Pens provide an excellent branding opportunity.
from $3.83 to $2.31 ea
150 min qty
Jet Rocket Pen
Jet Rocket Pens can be ordered in a silver or blue body colour.
from $4.54 to $2.95 ea
150 min qty
Aluminium Whistle Keyring
The handy branded Aluminium Whistle Keyring is a prime required tool for many different purposes.
from $1.81 to $1.45 ea
300 min qty
Large Whoopee Cushion
Large Whoopee Cushions are a fun promotional item that can be ordered in bulk at an affordable price.
from $2.50 to $1.88 ea
250 min qty
Inflatable Monkey
Inflatable Monkeys are a fun promotional piece for animal lovers.
from $9.96 to $7.09 ea
100 min qty
Inflatable Pink Flamingo
Branded Inflatable Pink Flamingos are a stunning way to build a lasting impression for your brand.
from $5.65 to $3.87 ea
100 min qty
Small Hand Klapper
Live for the applause with the customised Small Hand Klapper!
from $2.03 to $1.55 ea
250 min qty
Stop Sign Fly Swatter
Stop Sign Fly Swatter can be custom designed with your company details.
from $2.67 to $2.27 ea
250 min qty

Don't project yourself as a serious brand all the time - get into the occasion for some lighthearted fun with some novelty promotional items. From our toys to our pens, there is a lot of personality you can project just with these simple products. Our services include personalising these items so that you can have your brand imprinted on each fun product. Clients and employees will appreciate the cute and fun image you are giving away, even if just for a season. Spark some fun in the workplace and introduce these products to your next event. Promotional Products will help you out all the way!