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Layback Thongs
Layback Thongs are your go-to choice for comfy and stylish summer footwear.
from $6.56 to $5.46 ea
50 min qty
Salon Thongs
Custom print foam Salon Thongs for giving away to business patrons.
from $8.93 to $7.24 ea
100 min qty
Natural Cork Thongs
Natural Cork Thongs are designed to provide maximum comfort with a stylish edge.
from $9.68 to $7.91 ea
50 min qty
Spa Thongs
Have these lightweight Spa Thongs printed with your salon or pool club logo.
from $15.00 to $12.73 ea
100 min qty
Full Colour Thongs
Get in step with Personalised Full Colour Thongs.
from $17.33 to $13.59 ea
25 min qty
EVA Foam Thongs
Brightly coloured EVA Foam Thongs are a fun and functional promotional product.
from $22.03 to $20.76 ea
100 min qty

We hold a range of stylish Thongs which make perfect additions to beach resorts and souvenir shops. Place them in a hotel room, by the pool for guests, or sell them in your resort shop. They are cost effective marketing tools, and can be utilised as a gift from tour operators when customers book a beach holiday! They are available in a range of colours, designs and sizes, and can be custom branded with your name or logo. Browse our range of Thongs and you are sure to find a great gift fit for purpose.