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Plush Toys

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Plush Toy Dog
Plush Toy Dogs are great fundraising giveaways for animal shelters and pet stores.
from $6.90 to $4.00 ea
50 min qty
Plush Kangaroo
Plush Kangaroos are 80mm in height and have a coloured shirt that can be easily customised with your corporate details.
from $12.48 to $9.61 ea
50 min qty
Plush Koala
Promote your business in a fun and entertaining way with these custom Plush Koalas.
from $12.48 to $9.61 ea
50 min qty
Korporate Koala
Korporate Koalas are ideal for charities, tourism offices and children's events.
from $12.83 to $10.35 ea
50 min qty
Plush Teddy Bear
Plush Teddy Bears are great for children's events and awareness campaigns.
from $13.79 to $11.60 ea
50 min qty
Harry Hippo
Harry Hippos are great giveaways for zoos and animal welfare charities.
from $13.95 to $9.13 ea
50 min qty
Soft Toy Mouse
Soft Toy Mice can feature your company promotional logo or event name.
from $13.99 to $9.17 ea
50 min qty
Customised Snuggles bears make for loads of ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaahs’.
from $15.11 to $12.24 ea
50 min qty
Terence Teddy Bear
Terence Teddy Bears are ideal gifts for employees or customers.
from $16.30 to $10.89 ea
50 min qty

Our range of Plush Toys are perfect for school or college graduations, or to sell as a mascot for a sports team. They come in a range of designs from Koalas and Hippos to Teddy's and Dogs. These cute, cuddly toys can be sold in zoo gift shops, given away at children's parties, or even used to raise awareness for animal shelters. They can be customised with the name of your company or event, and ordered in quantities of 50 or more to suit the size of your marketing campaign. Browse our range of Plush Toys and see which suits your next promotion.