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Chocolate Coins

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Australian One Dollar Chocolate Coin
Australian Custom One Dollar Chocolate Coins measure 42mm in diameter.
from $0.54 to $0.39 ea
500 min qty
5gm Chocolate Coin Biz Card
5gm Chocolate Coin Biz Cards measure 90mm x 55mm x 20mm and can be printed.
from $1.74 to $1.38 ea
100 min qty
4 Chocolate Coins Biz Card
Printed 4 Chocolate Coins Biz Cards are a luscious treat for all chocolate lovers.
from $2.18 to $1.62 ea
100 min qty
6 Chocolate Coins In Mesh Bag
6 Chocolate Coins In Mesh Bags are a super promotional gift idea.
from $3.57 to $2.70 ea
100 min qty
80gm Mixed Chocolate Coin Bag
80gm Mixed Chocolate Coin Bags can easily be printed on a tag.
from $5.25 to $3.78 ea
100 min qty

Chocolate coins make a leap from being the currency of your childhood to an excellent canvas for your brand! This simple yet ingenious marketing method is an excellent way of capturing your customer's delight. Our high quality chocolate coins and packaging can help your ideas come to life and aid in advertising your company to more people. Choose from classic coin or an impressive bullion to print or emboss your logo or chosen branding on. You can even opt for a chocolate coin mounted on a business card - the choices are exciting and full of possibilities. We have a wide variety of packaging and methods that will help your capture the essence of your brand!