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Promotional Products

Promotional Games & Toys

Card Games
Card Games8 items
Frisbees29 items
Magic Cubes
Magic Cubes20 items
Puzzles28 items
Slinkys5 items
Water Guns
Water Guns6 items
YoYos14 items

Don't look past our incredibly fun filled selection of promotional games and toys as you consider how best to invest your marketing budget this year! We offer a huge range of games and puzzles including branded chess sets, printed electronic hand held Sudoku games, playing card sets, mini boules sets, engraved desktop dart sets, plastic yoyos, flying discs, Frisbees and more. All our yoyos, Frisbees, mini remote control cars, metal decision makers and chess sets can be pad printed with your logo.

Depending on the type of game or puzzle you choose it can be printed with your corporate logo, giving your brand more exposure. We offer one of Australia’s best ranges of games and puzzles, including steel chess sets with etched glass top. All of our promotional games and puzzles are fully priced on the website.

Just a few of our best selling Promotional Products in Games & Toys

World Globe Puzzle
Branded World Globe Puzzles make classy gifts for upmarket events.
from $42.08 to $32.87 ea
25 min qty
Puzzle Set
Promotional Puzzle Sets are unusual and unique brain teasing pastime for everyone.
from $7.63 to $5.85 ea
100 min qty
Two Tone Hacky Sack
Get your logo kicking around the beaches with Printed Two Tone Hacky Sacks.
from $1.47 to $1.35 ea
100 min qty
Mini Cricket Ball
Branded Mini Cricket Balls are made out of luxurios leather and can be great gifts.
from $10.40 to $3.75 ea
50 min qty
Magnetic 2 in 1 Game Set
Magnetic 2 in 1 Game Sets with your logo printed on the box.
from $25.04 to $15.24 ea
25 min qty
Plastic Boomerang
Promotional Plastic Boomerangs can create good returns on your marketing investment.
from $1.45 to $1.01 ea
150 min qty
Corporate Domino Set
Printed Corporate Domino Sets for playing the classic game on the go.
from $18.37 to $13.03 ea
50 min qty
5cm Mini Magic Cube
Customised 5cm Mini Magic Cubes are an excellent way to promote your business.
from $9.38 to $2.60 ea
500 min qty
Jumbo Magic Cube
Promotional jumbo magic Cubes can transform and show lots of different ads.
from $18.06 to $5.69 ea
300 min qty
Mini Magic Can
Branded Mini Magic Cans are interactive promotional products showing your company’s logo.
from $12.81 to $3.93 ea
300 min qty
Customised Rubik Cube
Customised Rubik Cubes will promote your company like no other and come with four squares per side
from $11.34 to $4.36 ea
300 min qty
Promotional Rubik Cube
Promotional Rubik Cubes make surprising corporate gifts and are a new take on a classic design
from $14.14 to $5.20 ea
300 min qty
Original Rubik Cube
Original Rubik Cubes have a classic design that will bring back memories and promote your business name and logo all at once
from $14.14 to $5.20 ea
300 min qty
Custom Rubik Cube Torch
Custom Rubik Cube Torches will promote your company name and have a funky design that make them unique
from $9.38 to $3.32 ea
500 min qty
Card Game Set
Branded Card Game Sets are perfect for poker lovers and the box is printable.
from $13.11 to $7.58 ea
25 min qty
Mikado Travel Set
Promotional Mikado travel sets are nice promotional gift and an immensely fun game.
from $4.15 to $2.78 ea
100 min qty
Small Frisbee
Vividly coloured Small Frisbees can be printed with your business information.
from $2.24 to $1.20 ea
100 min qty
Diamond Hi Bounce Ball
Custom Diamond Hi Bounce Balls can be printed with your company logo.
from $7.44 to $4.75 ea
100 min qty
Round Slinky
Get your company name falling head-over-heels with Customised Round Slinkys.
from $3.82 to $3.16 ea
150 min qty
Scramble Puzzle
Scramble Puzzles branded with your logo are ideal for all ages.
from $2.59 to $1.88 ea
250 min qty
Space Age Water Gun
Create a huge splash with Customised Space Age Water Guns at your corporate sports day.
from $6.18 to $3.48 ea
50 min qty
Playing Card With Case
Playing Cards With Case. Promotional set of cards packed inside a printable case.
from $5.15 to $2.82 ea
50 min qty
Large Metal Slinky
Spring your promotion into action with Large Metal Slinkys branded with your logo.
from $9.39 to $7.62 ea
150 min qty
Wild West Water Gun
Let the summer vibe begin with Wild West Water Guns Personalised with your company name.
from $3.23 to $2.57 ea
250 min qty
Clear Bounce Ball With LED
Branded Clear Bounce Balls With LED flash with two super bright lights when they jump.
from $5.86 to $4.79 ea
100 min qty
Classic Fidget Spinner
Classic Fidget Spinners are an eye-catching cube shape in a range of colours.
from $1.61 to $1.35 ea
100 min qty
Fidget Cube
Fidget Cubes offer a unique twist on the original spinner.
from $3.92 to $2.51 ea
500 min qty
Executive Fidget Spinner
Executive Fidget Spinners are made from zinc alloy which allows faster spinning.
from $11.05 to $9.06 ea
250 min qty

We supply a huge range of fun products such as silver yoyos, chess sets, executive globe puzzles, sliding tile puzzles, flashing yoyos, kites, juggling balls and many other styles of games and puzzles. You’ll find a huge range of promotional products besides printed mini frisbees and mini footballs at our website, all ready to be screenprinted with your corporate branding or message.

With our games and puzzles, selecting a promotional product to suit your next promotional event or trade show is now made easy especially with all our promotional merchandise being divided into different promotional products categories, so you can make an informed choice of product for your next promotion.