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Button Badges
Button Badges100+ items
Card Holders
Card Holders12 items
Dog Tags
Dog Tags4 items
ID Badges
ID Badges6 items
Lanyards100+ items
Wristbands100+ items

We have a huge range of promotional ID products that you can personalise any way you’d like. Branded lanyards are the most popular form of convention identification and we have a great range of promotional lanyards including bootlace lanyards, polyester lanyards, woven lanyards and eco friendly lanyards like our bamboo lanyards. Our bamboo lanyards are made from sustainable bamboo pulp fibres and make a great environmentally friendly statement. We also supply a range of plastic PVC card holders for your inserts. We have smaller single pocket card holders to multiple pocket card holders for visitors and exhibitors.

Our Popular Promotional Products in ID Products

85mm x 105mm Ticket Holder
85mm x 105mm Ticket Holders are clear plastic pouches with the insert size indicated to help you find the right card stock.
from $0.75 to $0.55 ea
100 min qty
Security ID Cord Card Holder
Security ID Cord Card Holders in a round shape can attach to a belt or lanyard and used for swiping security ID
from $2.25 to $1.30 ea
100 min qty
Square Pull Cord Card Holder
Square Pull Cord Card Holder with belt attachment will hold your security ID tag as you swipe to enter a building
from $2.25 to $1.30 ea
100 min qty
Carabiner Pull Cord Card Holder
Carabiner Pull Cord Card Holders with retractable cord that can attach to your secuirty ID card holder
from $3.05 to $1.70 ea
100 min qty
Gold Retractable Card Holder
Carry your ID, entrance badge, or sports pass in a stylish way with these customised Gold Retractable ID Holders.
from $6.07 to $3.97 ea
100 min qty
Vendome Nylon Neck Wallet
Vendome Nylon Neck Wallet is a reliable and functional companion.
from $7.85 to $6.78 ea
100 min qty

Promotional Products has collected over a hundred of personalised ID products that you can give away at trade shows, conferences, corporate outings, sporting events, summer promotions, fundraising gatherings, and other events. Some of the most popular in this range are lanyards, card holders, and ID holders. You can use these items to display your name tags and other forms of identification. Lanyards and retractable ID holders can also be attached to your keys, pens, and other belongings to keep them close at hand. But of course, the most popular use of these items is for advertising. Give them away at your next events to keep your brand visible and increase your customer base.

Our range of ID products also includes button badges, wristbands, dog tags, and many more items to cater to your needs. Button badges are perfect for those who wish to show their support for a particular cause. They can also be used to amp up your style or to make it easy for your customers to identify your staff members. Wristbands are ideal for fitness junkies and for companies that want to encourage healthy habits. All these items can be customised with your choice of details, including your logo or message. We have the best team who will help you create the best promotional products for your business.

Another popular giveaway is fridge magnet. Here at Promotional Products, we also supply personalised fridge magnets to promote your business, event, or organisation. The best thing about these magnets is you can easily stick them to anything metallic around your home and office, which means constant exposure for you.