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Sato Smart Watch
Sato Smart Watch is an innovation that brings together a wide array of user-friendly features.
from $40.99 to $27.54 ea
50 min qty
Euro Smart Watch
Promotional Euro Smart Watches can track your steps, calories and more.
from $42.47 to $32.70 ea
100 min qty
Stallion Smart Watch
Stallion Smart Watches redefines the intersection of technology and style.
from $53.79 to $35.89 ea
25 min qty
Dynamo Smart Watch
Branded Dynamo Smart Watches are designed with black leather and silicone.
from $56.72 to $45.52 ea
100 min qty
Atom Fitness Activity Tracker
Atom Smart Watches look great with your company logo on.
from $78.56 to $64.40 ea
50 min qty
Mazzini Smart Watch
Mazzini Smart Watch offers a plethora of smart functionalities such as Bluetooth phone calls.
from $79.90 to $55.76 ea
50 min qty
Hansen Smart Watch
Hansen Smart Watch is a triumph in technological design.
from $84.45 to $59.15 ea
50 min qty
Zeus Smart Watch
Zeus Smart Watch is an accessory for those who seek modernity and technological integration.
from $85.14 to $59.57 ea
50 min qty

Printed Smart Watches make elegant customer reward gifts and will ensure your business stands out from the crowd. Perfect for work or casual wear, smart watches boast a range of features which can help to keep you fit, healthy and on time for meetings!

They make excellent gifts for a sales team as a thank you for their hard work, or to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Our stylish printed smart watches are available in a range of colours, styles and designs with different bands and faces. Choose from leather, silicone or nylon bands depending on your taste, brand identity and business needs.

The watches aren’t just attractive to look at, they can also help you monitor fitness levels throughout the day. Features include a pedometer and calorie counter - and built-in alarms which sync to Bluetooth, Android and iOS apps ensure nobody is late for an important meeting! Several of our smartwatches are water resistant too, so you can wear them while swimming, snorkelling on holiday, or even if you work with water as part of your job.

Each of our smartwatches comes with a professionally printed or laser engraved personalised message or your company logo on the back so clients will never forget you. Smart watches are popular gifts for corporate businesses, banking institutions, tour operators, emergency services staff and more. You can also utilise the watches as part of your company product re-launch or brand marketing campaign.

Pop them into a gift bag at a trade show or exhibition and see your customers’ faces light up! Our range of smart watches can be ordered in small, medium or large quantities to suit the size of your promotion and budget.