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Promotional Products

Promotional Glassware

Promotional Glassware is a sophisticated giveaway that is sure to impress your most esteemed clients and customers. We have a celebrated variety in our collection, each one ready to be etched with your special logo or branding. Our wide selection of glassware holds every important style you can possibly imagine - from elegant wine glasses and champagne flutes to small shot glasses and heavy duty carafes.

Gorgeous clear glass is a great giveaway that has a lot of personality and class, and will bring your brand into the household for greater recognition. Boost your Australia-based business's style and opt for beautiful glassware for your marketing and promotional needs!

Just a few of our best selling Promotional Products in Glassware

425ml Keller Beer Glass
Personalised 425ml Keller Beer Glasses are ideal for end-of-week business gatherings.
from $3.35 to $2.11 ea
72 min qty
285ml Oxford Beer Glass
Enjoy a craft beer with the mates in these Branded 285ml Oxford Beer Glasses.
from $2.76 to $1.81 ea
96 min qty
355ml Tiara Hi Ball
Personalised 355ml Tiara Hi Ball Glasses can be a powerful marketing tool for your company
from $2.95 to $1.98 ea
96 min qty
255ml Straights Hi Ball
Sturdy 255ml Straights High Ball Glasses can be printed for a plethora of applications.
from $3.93 to $2.38 ea
48 min qty
60ml Boston Shot Glass
Customised 60ml Boston Shot Glasses will keep the drinks flowing all night.
from $2.95 to $1.76 ea
72 min qty
300ml Classic Martini Glass
Present you brand or business with customised 300ml Classic Martini Glasses
from $5.23 to $3.46 ea
72 min qty
200ml Polycarbonate Champagne Glass
200ml Polycarbonate Champagne Glass can be custom designed with a company name or logo.
from $6.35 to $4.75 ea
72 min qty
285ml Jasper Polycarbonate Beer Glass
285ml Jasper Polycarbonate Beer Glasses don't crack or chip making them perfect for events.
from $6.13 to $4.55 ea
72 min qty
120ml Viticole Wine Glass
Personalised 120ml Viticole Wine Glasses are ideal for small wine cellars.
from $5.85 to $4.74 ea
144 min qty
251ml Provence White Wine Glass
Etched 251ml Provence White Wine Glasses make exquisite event favours.
from $4.92 to $3.93 ea
72 min qty
30ml The Bomb Shot Glass
Your Promotional campaign will never bomb out with our 30ml The Bomb Shot Glasses.
from $2.32 to $1.56 ea
144 min qty
150ml Atlas Flute Champagne Glass
Tall, thin 150ml Atlas Flute Champagne Classes can be personalised to celebrate special moments.
from $4.70 to $3.30 ea
72 min qty
260ml Aqueous Hi Ball
Have standard 260ml Aqueous Hi Ball Glasses personalised to make them into something special.
from $3.03 to $2.05 ea
96 min qty
296ml Gibraltar Hi Ball
Personalised 296ml Gibraltar Hi Balls are an excellent way to circulate you business name.
from $3.60 to $2.77 ea
72 min qty
1700ml Exclamation Jug
Serve your refreshments with a timeless, upscale look with these branded Exclamation Jugs.
from $17.45 to $15.02 ea
48 min qty
74ml Azure Shot Glass
Custom 74ml Azure Shot Glasses make fun favours at house warming parties.
from $3.71 to $2.86 ea
72 min qty
399ml Balloon Wine Glass
Trendy 399ml Balloon Wine Glasses can be etched with your restaurant’s name.
from $7.33 to $5.87 ea
72 min qty
580ml Cabernet Tulip Wine Glass
Serve up a vintage Cabernet in 580ml Cabernet Tulip Wine Glasses customised with your venue’s emblem.
from $11.92 to $8.82 ea
96 min qty
1000ml Wine Decanter
Embossed 1000ml Wine Decanters can be personalised for business promotions and personal occasions.
from $14.82 to $12.71 ea
48 min qty
178ml Teardrop Flute Champagne Glass
Get classic 178ml Teardrop Flute Champagne Glasses personalised for special events or business use.
from $5.48 to $4.42 ea
72 min qty
160ml Open Up Ambient Glass
Make stylishly curved 160ml Open Up Ambient Glasses custom products with your etched logo.
from $10.10 to $8.57 ea
96 min qty
300ml Open Up Spirits Warm Glass
Modern bell shaped 300ml Open Up Spirits Warm Glasses are ideal as trendy promotional products.
from $9.35 to $7.81 ea
144 min qty
1740ml Super Margerita Glass
Capture the fun tropical island vibe with Branded 1740ml Super Margerita Glasses.
from $35.09 to $32.24 ea
48 min qty
1800ml Super Globe Glass
Let your imagination loose with Promotional 1800ml Super Globe Glasses.
from $25.43 to $23.27 ea
48 min qty
90ml Ole Glass Espresso Cup
Custom Prima Glass Ezpresso Cups 90ml will professionally serve your creations in your bar, restaurant, or cafe.
from $5.75 to $4.49 ea
72 min qty
355ml Genoa Stemless Wine Glass
For a classy yet budget-friendly glass that you can use for everyday drinking, choose our promotional 355ml Genoa Stemless Wine Glasses.
from $8.85 to $7.39 ea
72 min qty
473ml Genoa Stemless Wine Glass
Create an impressive presentation that will complement the look of your classy decor with these personalised 473ml Genoa Stemless Wine Glasses.
from $9.17 to $7.67 ea
72 min qty
240ml Bota Double Wall Glass
Provide a different drink experience at your parties with the printed 240mL Bota Double Wall Glass.
from $11.23 to $9.04 ea
72 min qty
270ml Latte Double Wall Glass
Start your day with a heavenly blend with the personalised 270mL Latte Double Wall Glass.
from $11.23 to $9.04 ea
72 min qty

Glassware is a fun gift to receive as it's very practical and allows a lot of freedom because it covers a lot of bases. Whether VIP or regular customer, formal or casual event, glassware gifts have got you covered! The printed or etched designs on these items can be as bold or as subtle as possible, leaving you with plenty of options to pursue. We understand that your company's style is important to the brand, so our giveaway offers will help you stay true to the goal of enhancing your business image. is your reliable partner for these needs!