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Wine Glasses Stemless

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Important Info3 Day Service Available
BPA Free 370ml Tumbler
Our custom BPA free 370ml tumbler is a reusable glass to hold your wine or other beverage.
from $2.70 to $2.32 ea
100 min qty
473ml Stemless Wine Glass
Choose Customised 473ml Stemless Wine Glasses for your next event.
from $5.02 to $4.74 ea
250 min qty
400ml Atelier Riesling Stemless Wine Glass
Customised 400ml Atelier Riesling Stemless Wine Glasses will advertise your unique brand.
from $8.00 to $6.16 ea
72 min qty
590ml Atelier Pinot Noir Stemless Wine Glass
Promotional 590ml Atelier Pinot Noir Stemless Wine Glasses offer a classic shape for restaurants, cafés and brasseries.
from $8.16 to $6.30 ea
72 min qty
650ml Atelier Merlot Stemless Wine Glass
Welcome guests to your corporate event with Personalised 650ml Atelier Merlot Stemless Wine Glasses.
from $8.96 to $7.00 ea
72 min qty
355ml Genoa Stemless Wine Glass
For a classy yet budget-friendly glass that you can use for everyday drinking, choose our promotional 355ml Genoa Stemless Wine Glasses.
from $9.42 to $7.84 ea
72 min qty
473ml Genoa Stemless Wine Glass
Create an impressive presentation that will complement the look of your classy decor with these personalised 473ml Genoa Stemless Wine Glasses.
from $9.76 to $8.13 ea
72 min qty
562ml Genoa Stemless Wine Glass
Custom 562ml Genoa Stemless Wine Glasses are plain, simple, yet elegant—perfect for serving different varieties of wines.
from $11.56 to $9.72 ea
72 min qty
621ml Genoa Stemless Wine Glass
Perfect for everyday dinner or special occasions, these customised 621ml Genoa Stemless Wine Glasses add a classy appeal to your table.
from $11.96 to $10.07 ea
72 min qty

Branded Stemless Wine Glasses make great promotional gifts. They add a touch of elegance to any marketing campaign or can enhance brand identity for a bar, hotel or restaurant. Our high-quality, durable stemless glasses are less likely to break, making them great for use at indoor or outdoor venues, and as they come in a range of sizes and capacities, you are sure to find a style to suit your requirements.

You can opt to gift stemless wine glasses to your customers with their favourite bottle of Pinot Noir, or you can purchase in bulk quantities for a bar, restaurant, hotel or corporate event venue. As each wine glass can also be etched with your company name and logo, they can help to promote your business too!

Whether you have a marketing campaign in the pipeline, or simply wish to send your customers or staff a gift to thank them for their business or hard work, we have the right glass, at the right prices for your needs. They make a wonderful welcome gift at a trade show, for a restaurant or pub opening, or for the launch of a boutique hotel or holiday resort.

Stemless Wine Glasses come in a variety of sizes and capacities, ranging from 355ml to 650mls which means they don’t have to be used to serve wine, they can also hold deserts, wrapped chocolates and tasty sweet treats. They are popular choices for larger wedding parties, as they can be ordered in quantities of 72 units up to 1008 or more, and can be decorated with the bride and grooms name, date and venue on the side. One thing is for sure, this unique gift of premium glassware will ensure guests never forget your memorable day or your business!