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Calculators100+ items
Clocks100+ items
Notepads11 items
Pen Holders
Pen Holders29 items
Pencils100+ items
Pens100+ items
Photo Frames
Photo Frames33 items
Rulers56 items
Sticky Notes
Sticky Notes100+ items

Awesome desk accessories are one of the best promotional items because they are sure to be of use in your clients' or employees' busy work schedules. We have a great selection of items for your marketing plan, perfect for practical use or for decoration purposes. We have calculators, clocks, desk card holders, letter openers, notepads, pen holders, pencils, pens, rulers, and sticky notes which will assist everyday work.

Add some style to the desk space with counter mats, mobile phone holders, photo frames, and Rubik's cubes. All of these items can be printed with your logo through our high quality printing process. Bring out your branding in the workplace with Promotional Products!

Our Popular Promotional Products in Desk Accessories

Your event will absolutely be remembered with these promotional Interlaken Photo Frames.
from $18.67 to $14.71 ea
50 min qty
Cosmo Floating Globe
Cosmo Floating Globes are a smart and unique gift that can be personalised with your logo.
from $40.92 to $25.57 ea
25 min qty
Silver Pen Display Cup
Silver Pen Display Cups are great promotional items that can hold all of your pens and pencils.
from $30.42 to $17.95 ea
25 min qty
Nappa Card Holder
Keep your message on display while enhancing your office desk with these personalised Nappa Card Holders.
from $19.76 to $7.44 ea
25 min qty
Standard Ruler
Standard Rulers with measurements up to 30cm are excellent value plastic rulers for a large range of promotional opportunities
from $1.56 to $0.82 ea
100 min qty
Customized Plastic Ruler
Customized Plastic Rulers come with a 190mm long screen print area and customised to ensure your logo is clearly seen
from $1.32 to $0.67 ea
100 min qty
Cheswick 15cm
Cheswick 15cm stationery rulers come with handy flags in a sliding access case
from $3.51 to $3.08 ea
100 min qty
Made in Australia
Greenway A6 Note Pad
Greenway A6 Note Pads are supplied with fifty sheets of paper.
from $7.13 to $2.09 ea
100 min qty
Eades Pen Holder
Eades Pen Holders can be imprinted on both sides of the truck.
from $7.01 to $4.94 ea
100 min qty
Amara Pen Holders are delivered flat packed to make an interesting puzzle piece.
from $8.98 to $6.26 ea
100 min qty
Rainbow Pen Desk Organisers are designed in a cube shape.
from $8.69 to $6.61 ea
100 min qty
Vision Bright Printed Ruler
Printed Vision Bright Printed Rulers show off your logo in full colour.
from $1.58 to $1.23 ea
250 min qty
Auto Air Vent Pen Holder
For a trendy giveaway or unique favour idea, look no further than our printed Auto Air Vent Pen Holders.
from $1.62 to $1.40 ea
250 min qty
A2 Desk Planner
Keep your brand alive all year long with Customised A2 Desk Planners.
from $12.59 to $10.04 ea
250 min qty
Magnetic Nuts And Bolts
Add a cool, industrial touch to your office desk with the promotional Magnetic Nuts and Bolts accessory!
from $13.86 to $11.85 ea
150 min qty
Cow Pen Holder
Help your clients, customers, and employees stay organised with these customised Cow Pen Holders.
from $10.27 to $8.90 ea
150 min qty
Hippo Pen Holder
Use these customised Hippo Pen Holders to de-clutter or add a whimsy touch to your workspace.
from $10.27 to $8.90 ea
150 min qty
Penguin Pen Holder
Customised Penguin Pen Holders will be a lovely home for your pens, toothbrushes, stylus, pencils, and rulers.
from $10.27 to $8.90 ea
150 min qty
Message Light Box
Express yourself in a fun, new way with these printed Message Light Boxes.
from $15.71 to $14.14 ea
50 min qty
Leatherette Pen Cup
Help your customers declutter their space while promoting your business with these branded Leatherette Pen Cups.
from $11.42 to $9.76 ea
50 min qty
Cobra Stationary Set
The custom cobra stationary set is a thoughtful and practical giveaway item for your clients.
from $2.76 to $2.32 ea
100 min qty
Landscape Matt Black Photo Frame
The branded Landscape Matt Black Photo Frame is suitable for 4" x 6" photos.
from $8.96 to $7.28 ea
50 min qty
Digi Accessory Holder
Our printed Digi Accessory Holder is a handy storage unit to place on your desktop.
from $13.44 to $10.22 ea
50 min qty
Wooden 30cm Ruler
Printed Wooden 30cm Rulers are a great alternative to plastic.
from $2.36 to $2.04 ea
250 min qty
Important Info3 Day Service Available
30cm Plastic Ruler
Custom 30cm Plastic Rulers are perfect for use at school or work.
from $1.28 to $1.15 ea
250 min qty

The work desk doesn't have to be a dreary and boring place. Add colour to this space by using awesome desk accessories for your promotional items. Each product has their own important function. Most of all, it well help you gain brand exposure and customer loyalty as these items act as advertisement boards or tokens of appreciation.

Our high quality prints of your logo and other branding designs will help make these items recognisable as your company's materials. We become your partner to make sure that your brand name stays on top of its game in terms of recognition. Your Australia-based business will definitely have something to gain from our promotional item offers!