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Promotional Products

Desk Accessories

Calculators100+ items
Clocks100+ items
Notepads16 items
Pen Holders
Pen Holders18 items
Pencils100+ items
Pens100+ items
Photo Frames
Photo Frames20 items
Rulers32 items
Sticky Notes
Sticky Notes100+ items

Awesome desk accessories are one of the best promotional items because they are sure to be of use in your clients' or employees' busy work schedules. We have a great selection of items for your marketing plan, perfect for practical use or for decoration purposes. We have calculators, clocks, desk card holders, letter openers, notepads, pen holders, pencils, pens, rulers, and sticky notes which will assist everyday work.

Add some style to the desk space with counter mats, mobile phone holders, photo frames, and Rubik's cubes. All of these items can be printed with your logo through our high quality printing process. Bring out your branding in the workplace with Promotional Products!

Just a few of our best selling Promotional Products in Desk Accessories

Wake up to your favourite scene with these branded Salsburg Photo Frames.
from $21.04 to $14.65 ea
25 min qty
Make your next event more memorable with these promotional Hamburg Photo Frames.
from $12.08 to $9.25 ea
50 min qty
Tuscan Business Card Holder
Creating personalised promotional tools is easy with these Tuscan Business Card Holders.
from $22.50 to $16.09 ea
25 min qty
Corporate Card Holder
Show your clients that you mean business with these promotional Corporate Card Holders.
from $23.71 to $15.17 ea
25 min qty
Executive Clock Card Holder
Make a remarkable first impression with our promotional Executive Clock Card Holders.
from $17.07 to $12.11 ea
50 min qty
Metal Letter Opener
Branded Metal Letter Openers that you will sure adore, as well as your clients.
from $11.26 to $7.64 ea
50 min qty
Digital Clock and Mobile Holder
Digital Clock and Mobile Holders have a special compartment to keep your mobile phone handy. Great practical promotional item
from $28.73 to $16.37 ea
25 min qty
Cosmo Floating Globe
Cosmo Floating Globes are a smart and unique gift that can be personalised with your logo.
from $39.42 to $24.17 ea
25 min qty
Silver Pen Display Cup
Silver Pen Display Cups are great promotional items that can hold all of your pens and pencils
from $29.23 to $16.96 ea
25 min qty
Como Photo Frame
Capture special moments while promoting your brand with our custom Como Photo Frames.
from $21.81 to $13.81 ea
25 min qty
Customised 50 page Notepad
Customised 50 page Notepads are essential for any range of branded merchandise at a low cost
from $6.48 to $3.21 ea
250 min qty
Branded A4 Note Book
Branded A4 Note books are great for a cheap and accessible promo product for your customers and clients
from $4.37 to $1.65 ea
100 min qty
Standard Ruler
Standard Rulers with measurements up to 30cm are excellent value plastic rulers for a large range of promotional opportunities
from $1.16 to $0.72 ea
250 min qty
Small White Ruler
Small White Rulers are effective promotional products for advertising your business and offered with personalised printing
from $0.92 to $0.55 ea
250 min qty
Economy Counter Mat
Personalised Economy Counter Mats are an ideal way to attract customers’ attention.
from $15.14 to $9.84 ea
250 min qty
Smiley Radio
Personalised Smiley Radios make a cute way to promote your business.
from $8.82 to $4.07 ea
50 min qty
Bergen Photo Frames
Bergen Photo Frames are a highly branded decor that will enhance any home or office setting.
from $9.75 to $6.31 ea
50 min qty
Customised Rubik Cube
Customised Rubik Cubes will promote your company like no other and come with four squares per side
from $11.34 to $4.36 ea
300 min qty
Plastic LCD thermometer
Plastic LCD Thermometers are a trendy promotional giveaway that meets any budget.
from $6.14 to $3.27 ea
50 min qty
Ballerina Letter Opener
Promote your brand in a fashionable way with these personalised Ballerina Letter Openers.
from $7.85 to $4.64 ea
50 min qty
Soho Desk Clock
Soho Desk Clocks feature an alarm function and quartz movement.
from $22.65 to $19.27 ea
50 min qty

The work desk doesn't have to be a dreary and boring place. Add colour to this space by using awesome desk accessories for your promotional items. Each product has their own important function. Most of all, it well help you gain brand exposure and customer loyalty as these items act as advertisement boards or tokens of appreciation.

Our high quality prints of your logo and other branding designs will help make these items recognisable as your company's materials. We become your partner to make sure that your brand name stays on top of its game in terms of recognition. Your Australia-based business will definitely have something to gain from our promotional item offers!