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Nonwoven Stadium Cushion
Nonwoven Stadium Cushions can feature a promotional logo or brand name.
from $6.97 to $6.59 ea
150 min qty
Colourful Stadium Cushion
Colourful Stadium Cushions can be customised to help promote your business.
from $8.56 to $8.09 ea
100 min qty
Padded Seat Cushion
Custom Padded Seat Cushions make an unbeatable promotional gift.
from $17.99 to $14.44 ea
25 min qty
Essence Folding Chair
Printed Essence Folding Chairs take your logo outdoors.
from $24.92 to $20.16 ea
25 min qty
Important Info3 Day Service Available
Aero Telescopic Stool
Take your brand outdoors with Branded Aero Telescopic Stools.
from $29.62 to $25.10 ea
25 min qty
Inflatable Pod
Inflatable Pods are perfect for outdoor events, pool parties and corporate days.
from $35.78 to $28.20 ea
50 min qty
Beach Folding Chair
Custom Beach Folding Chairs have a waterproof coating.
from $42.67 to $34.08 ea
10 min qty
Portable Bamboo Wine And Cheese Table
Custom Portable Bamboo Wine And Cheese Tables are sophisticated gifts for wine estates to brand with your name and emblem.
from $44.30 to $40.45 ea
25 min qty
Malibu Beach Chair
Our Malibu Beach Chair is ideal for a day out at the beach in the scorching summer time.
from $44.63 to $33.33 ea
25 min qty
Camping Chair
Camping Chairs are great for campsites, outdoor adventure stores and events.
from $46.40 to $36.40 ea
50 min qty
Destress Pocket Hammock
Get your business known in the outdoors with Printed Destress Pocket Hammocks.
from $46.62 to $42.69 ea
25 min qty
Beach Chair
Beach Chairs are perfect for gift shops, hotels and campsites.
from $47.87 to $38.11 ea
50 min qty
Inflatable Double Pod
Inflatable Double Pods can be customised with an event or company name.
from $48.48 to $38.15 ea
50 min qty
Executive Folding Chair
Executive Folding Chairs are great for gift shops, rewards programmes and campsites.
from $52.19 to $39.30 ea
25 min qty
Lazing Beach Chair
Go out and enjoy the sunny weather with these branded Lazing Beach Chairs.
from $58.03 to $54.86 ea
25 min qty
Promotional Dreamer Folding Chairs are built with robust steel frame and 600D fabric.
from $89.32 to $65.98 ea
10 min qty
Malta Fold Up Chair
Printed Malta Fold Up Chairs feature armrests and mesh pockets for beverages.
from $102.88 to $78.24 ea
10 min qty

We stock a wide range of Chairs & Tables which are perfect for outdoor events. From folding chairs and beach chairs to inflatables and padded cushions, we have something to suit your needs. Our customised seat cushions would make great additions to a sports stadium, concert venue or outdoor amphitheatre, and they can be ordered in bulk batches to suit the size of your event. Our folding and inflatable chairs are great beach or camping accessories, as they are easy to transport and comfortable to sit in! All of our products can be personalised with a brand or company name so you can continue to promote your services wherever you go!