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Fidget Spinners

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Important Info3 Day Service Available
Classic Fidget Spinner
Classic Fidget Spinners are an eye-catching cube shape in a range of colours.
from $2.40 to $2.00 ea
100 min qty
Fidget Spinner Pen
Fidget Spinner Pens are amusing and useful promotional giveaways that will sure give your brand a spinning boost.
from $2.56 to $1.90 ea
100 min qty
Spinner Stylus Light Pen
Customised Spinner Stylus Light Pens are a 4-in-1 item, which is fun for ages 5 and up.
from $2.78 to $1.69 ea
100 min qty
Fidget Spinner Highlighter
Increase your focus with the brilliant custom Fidget Spinner Highlighter!
from $2.87 to $2.42 ea
100 min qty
Fidget Spinner Beer Bottle Opener
Quench your thirst and keep the party alive at the same time with these custom Fidget Spinner Beer Bottle Openers.
from $3.57 to $3.03 ea
250 min qty
Star Fidget Spinner
Star Fidget Spinners make a fabulous promotional piece for anyone wanting to be the star of the competition.
from $3.63 to $2.85 ea
150 min qty
Heart Fidget Spinner
Join the new craze and win the hearts of your target audience with these custom Heart Fidget Spinners.
from $3.63 to $2.85 ea
150 min qty
House Fidget Spinner
House Fidget Spinners feature house-shaped arms and can be printed on the centre with your own design.
from $3.63 to $2.85 ea
150 min qty
Promo Spinner Pen
Spin your marketing magic with Personalised Promo Spinner Pens.
from $4.10 to $2.92 ea
100 min qty
Pink Ribbon Fidget Spinner
Spin your health drive with Promotional Pink Ribbon Fidget Spinners.
from $4.76 to $3.49 ea
150 min qty
Spinner Bottle Opener
Branded Spinner Bottle Openers have two carabiner clips for attaching to a backpack or belt loop.
from $6.17 to $4.88 ea
100 min qty

The fidget spinner trend is here to stay and continue to amuse individuals for hours on end! These delightful toys are a wonderful way to refocus during a particularly restless or anxious day. Fidget off those nervous ticks with our wide selection of special variants - classic designs, cubes, different form factors, materials, and colours according to your preference. Align all these characteristics with your brand and you a perfect trendy gift for clients, guests, and more. These toys are all customisable, and you can add your company logo on the surface for an unforgettable touch. Watch your logo spin, spin, spin to your heart's content with our promotional fidget accessories!