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Cutting Tool in Plastic
Cutting Tool in Plastic is an economical budget tool.
from $2.09 to $1.29 ea
100 min qty
Versatile Multitool Key Ring
Cut, open and measure with Printed Versatile Multitool Key Rings.
from $3.93 to $3.34 ea
100 min qty
Multi Pliers Tool Set
Multi Pliers Tool Set can be customised and make a clever promotional idea.
from $7.40 to $5.60 ea
250 min qty
Jumbo Multi Tool
Jumbo Multi Tools are available in blue or black and come in a very smart carry case, which would be an excellent promotional product.
from $7.58 to $5.87 ea
100 min qty
Warwick Tool Ring
Warwick Tool Rings offer seven functions in an aluminium key ring
from $8.06 to $5.16 ea
50 min qty
Lincoln Multitools are a great gift idea for a tradies or handyman event.
from $8.07 to $5.24 ea
50 min qty
Oakes Multi Tool Kits only measures 70mm when closed.
from $8.19 to $6.71 ea
100 min qty
Multi Handyman Tool
Multi Handyman Tools are effective marketing products.
from $10.00 to $5.35 ea
50 min qty
Surface Multi Tool
Give your toolbox or travel bag a cool upgrade by adding these customised Surface Multi Tools.
from $10.08 to $6.56 ea
100 min qty
Custom Engraved Multi Tool
Custom Engraved Multi Tool is a great promotional product that will display your logo prominently
from $10.49 to $7.37 ea
50 min qty
Camp and Travel Gadget
Camp and Travel Gadgets feature eight essential travel tools that give your brand a distinct promotional advantage
from $10.71 to $4.89 ea
50 min qty
Mini Tool Keyring
Mini-Tool Keyrings are great value for money small tool keyrings to suit any marketing budget.
from $11.70 to $8.03 ea
50 min qty
Large Multi Function Tool Set
Large Multi Function Tool Sets in a nylon black pouch are a wonderful promotional idea for the home handyman
from $12.02 to $5.02 ea
50 min qty
Multi Tool Set Keyring
Multi Tool Set Keyrings with pliers, scissors, bottle opener and knife functions make quality corporate gift ideas
from $12.38 to $4.90 ea
50 min qty
Pliers Tool Pouch Set
Pliers Tool Pouch Sets are a multi functional tool.
from $13.77 to $8.22 ea
100 min qty
Promo Mini Multi Tool
Promo Mini Multi Tools are excellent promotional items that all of your clients and staff are sure to have a use for
from $14.31 to $7.25 ea
50 min qty
Roach Multi Tool Kits are supplied in a deluxe nylon pouch.
from $14.61 to $9.94 ea
50 min qty
Small Multi Tool
Small Multi Tools include 13 useful functions making it a great promotional gift item
from $14.87 to $10.30 ea
50 min qty
Sturdy Multi Tool
Sturdy Multi Tools feature a high gloss stainless steel handle and implements
from $15.14 to $10.61 ea
50 min qty
Keyring Multi Tool
Keyring Multi Tools are supplied in a tin gift box making it perfect for promotional use during holidays or special occasions
from $15.78 to $11.01 ea
50 min qty
Force Multitool
Accomplish any DIY or repair task easily with the help of these custom Force Multitools.
from $17.68 to $10.43 ea
100 min qty
Wall Anchor Assortment Case
Wall Anchor Assortment Cases with 301 drill and wall anchor pieces in a plastic case for an interesting business promo product
from $20.00 to $9.83 ea
25 min qty
Screwdriver Multi Tool Set
Screwdriver Multi Tool Sets with 11 different screwdriver bits and ruler calibrations are excellent promo products for custom engraving
from $21.20 to $9.66 ea
25 min qty
Rubber Handle Tool Set
Rubber Handle Tool Sets are the highly practical took packs that make effective corporate products to have on hand
from $22.83 to $16.62 ea
50 min qty
Trakker Tool Kit
Trakker Tool Kits are inclusive of five sockets.
from $23.77 to $21.30 ea
50 min qty
Plier with Multi Functions
Plier with Multi-Functions are a handy person's must have.
from $25.76 to $22.37 ea
50 min qty
Trekker Combo Tool Set
Trekker Combo Tool Sets are presented in a black gift box.
from $27.68 to $21.21 ea
50 min qty
Promotional Multi Tool Kit
Promotional Multi Tool Kits can be great promotional gift items that come packaged in a beautiful nylon zipper case
from $31.64 to $25.03 ea
50 min qty
Black Multi Tool
Black Multi Tools come packaged in a magnetic black gift box making it suitable for promotional gifts
from $36.38 to $27.06 ea
50 min qty
Plier with Belt Pouch
Plier with Belt Pouch feature a range of handy tools.
from $36.55 to $29.60 ea
25 min qty
Bottle Opener Plier
Bottle Opener Plier features three flat head screwdrivers.
from $36.93 to $29.93 ea
25 min qty

What a great section of tools this is! We have a huge range of multi tools and multi purpose tools that are packed full of features. Heavy Duty Multi Tools are the ultimate heavy dual multi tool for using out in the bush. The tool can be used in a variety of situations and include pliers, screwdrivers, scissors, knives and other useful tools. Heavy Duty Multi Tools are made from stainless steel materials with an anodized silver finish and can be printed with your company name and logo using pad printing or laser etching. Heavy Duty Multi Tools include a nylon belt pouch. Whatever you need in multi tools you’ll find it here.