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29 August, 2023

AI-Powered Recommendations for Promotional Products

One of the most exciting things to come along lately is AI and especially things like Chat GPT. Have you ever thought how using this could assist you in choosing promotional products by providing valuable insights, recommendations, and ideas based on its vast knowledge base? Below are some techniques you can use for it to help you.

Product Recommendations

Chat GPT can suggest a wide range of promotional products based on the specific needs and goals of your business. It can take into account factors such as your target audience, budget, branding requirements, and industry trends to provide tailored suggestions that align with your marketing objectives. Below is an example for a beauty salon. You need to ensure you are specific about what you write to ensure the best response. Below is what we asked

"I'm looking for promotional products for my beauty salon. Our target audience is primarily women aged 25-40 who are interested in skincare and wellness. We have a moderate budget and want products that reflect our brand's natural and eco-friendly image. What promotional products would you recommend?"

And this was its response.

Chat GPT Reponse

There are some good, basic ideas here, though it you don't like any, simply tell it you want more ideas and it will come back with them

Creative Ideas

If you're looking for unique and innovative promotional product ideas, Chat GPT can offer creative suggestions to make your business stand out. It can provide recommendations for products that are not only practical but also have a strong promotional impact, helping you differentiate yourself from competitors and leave a lasting impression on your target audience. We'll stick to the beauty salon theme. Below is what we asked Chat GPT to prompt for creative ideas.   

"I want to find unique and creative promotional products for my beauty salon. I want to stand out from my competitors and leave a lasting impression on my target audience. What creative ideas do you have?"

And this was its response.

Chat GPT Reponse

Brand Alignment

Chat GPT can help ensure that the chosen promotional products align with your brand image, values, and target market. By understanding your brand identity and customer preferences, it can suggest products that resonate with your audience and reinforce your salon's unique selling proposition.

This one we needed to feed some additional information for it to understand what we wanted.

"User: I want to choose promotional products that align with my beauty salon's brand image and target market. How can Chat GPT help me with this?

Chat GPT: To ensure brand alignment with your promotional products, it's important to understand your salon's brand identity, values, and target market. Can you provide more information about your brand and the audience you want to target?

User: Sure! My beauty salon focuses on eco-friendly and natural beauty products. We cater to health-conscious individuals who are environmentally conscious and appreciate sustainable practices."

And this was its response.

Chat GPT Reponse

Again, the more information you can feed it, the more accurate the results.


Budget is an important consideration when selecting promotional products. Chat GPT can assist in finding cost-effective options that still deliver a strong promotional impact. It can provide insights on different products' pricing, quality, and effectiveness, allowing you to make informed decisions that optimise your marketing budget. You can either give it price points or general words to describe what type of budget you have. Below is the conversation we had to get a response.

"User: I'm looking for cost-effective promotional products for my beauty salon. How can Chat GPT assist me in finding budget-friendly options without compromising the promotional impact?

Chat GPT: When it comes to cost-effective promotional products, it's essential to find options that offer a balance between affordability and promotional impact. To assist you in this, I can provide insights on the pricing, quality, and effectiveness of different products. Can you provide me with some details about your budget and marketing goals?

User: My budget is limited, but I still want to make sure that the promotional products effectively represent my salon and attract potential customers."

After doing this, it came back with the below response.

Chat GPT Reponse

Again, if the response isn't what you were looking for, ask it to suggest other products or be more specific on your budget.

Market Research

Chat GPT can help you understand the market trends and preferences related to promotional products in the beauty industry. By analysing consumer behaviour, industry reports, and market insights, it can provide information on popular products, emerging trends, and consumer preferences, enabling you to make data-driven decisions.

We asked the following:

"User: I'm interested in understanding the market trends and consumer preferences for promotional products in the beauty industry. How can Chat GPT help me gain insights and make data-driven decisions?

Chat GPT: Market research is crucial for understanding the current trends and consumer preferences in the beauty industry. I can assist you by analyzing consumer behavior, industry reports, and market insights. Could you provide me with some specific areas or products within the beauty industry that you'd like to focus on?

User: I want to know which promotional products are currently popular and emerging trends that I should consider for my beauty salon."

Chat GPT Reponse

Remember though, when it comes to analysis and market trends, Chat GPT is only using data up to 2021.

Evaluation and Comparison

If you have multiple product options in mind, Chat GPT can help you evaluate and compare them based on various factors such as product quality, branding opportunities, usefulness, and potential impact on your target audience. It can provide a comprehensive analysis to help you make an informed choice.

"User: I'm considering multiple promotional product options for my beauty salon, but I'm having trouble deciding which one would be the best choice. Can Chat GPT help me evaluate and compare these options?

Chat GPT: Absolutely! I can assist you in evaluating and comparing your promotional product options. Please provide me with the specific products you are considering, along with any relevant factors or criteria you would like to prioritize in your decision-making process.

User: I'm considering custom-branded tote bags and personalized compact mirrors as promotional products. I want to compare them based on factors such as product quality, branding opportunities, usefulness, and potential impact on my target audience."


Chat GPT Reponse

As you can see from this example, it has compared tote bags and compact mirrors. You could ask it to compare other items we well.

Chat GPT can be a powerful tool in helping you pick the type of product you want, but don't forget you can also just ask one of our experienced sales team directly. Either way, you expect valuable guidance, and remember it's always important to consider your specific business goals, target audience, and budget when selecting promotional products.

Have a bit of fun with it, ask it questions, change the questions, ask fo more answers and see what it comes back with. You may stumble across a whole new type of promotional product you never considered before.

The Promotional Products Team