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12 May, 2022

Align Your Brand With Eco Friendly Promotional Products

There is such a huge push to “save The Planet” and rightly so. Wouldn’t it be good if you could align your business with this cause? A simple way to start is by using eco-friendly promotional products. There is always this concern that to be “eco-friendly” we have to spend a premium on regular items. This just isn’t the case. Every year there are new developments in production and new materials coming to market that are helping push prices down. Below we thought we’d list some of the more frequently used items that are deemed eco-friendly and also aren’t going to put a huge dent in your marketing budget.

1. Eco-Friendly Pens: This is an area that has greatly expanded in recent times. It used to be mainly made up of recycled paper pens. These were made by tightly wrapping sections of recycled paper together to form a barrel where the other components of the pen could fit. Lately, though, there have been numerous other styles that have come to market. Firstly, there is recycled plastic or RPET. The material is from shredded plastic drink bottles. They shred them down to flakes, melt them and then reform them into new shapes, one of them being pens. The other big mover has been bamboo. This quick-growing plant is now being used in many products. It is biodegradable, prints well and feels great to hold. Lastly, there have been a lot of wheat straw pens lately. It is a by-product of growing wheat grain. It’s the dry stalk residue left behind after the harvest. This is now being used to replace plastic. Its big selling point is unlike plastic, wheat straw is not made from fossil fuels.

2. Eco-Friendly Drink Bottles: Where do we begin with drink bottles. There is a massive choice of options when it comes to being eco-friendly with drink bottles. Some of the more common materials are as follows
RPET: The plastic comes from recycled drink bottles where the material has been shredded, re-melted and then made into another bottle
Bamboo: Just like pens, bamboo is now being used in drink bottle manufacturing. The plant is quick growing, hardy and requires no pesticides. Plus, it will fully biodegrade in landfills.
PLA: This type of plastic emits 80% fewer carbon emissions than standard plastics and under commercial composting conditions you will find it breaks down with 12 weeks.
Wheat Straw: Just like pens, wheat straw is either 100% used in manufacturing or combined with other materials to make eco-friendly bottles.

3. Eco-Friendly CapsPET is now being used to manufacture caps. It is not a huge contributor when you consider how many styles of caps there are and the preference still being cotton, but every little bit counts. If you want a cap that says you care about the environment, make sure it is made from PET material.

4. Eco-Friendly KeyringsAnother promotional product that is hugely popular is keyrings. The main two types of keyrings that are eco-friendly are natural wood and bamboo. The wood is fairly obvious and the bamboo has been discussed previously in both the pens and drink bottle sections, but either material is good to print or engrave on. Personally, we like the engraved look. It adds a touch of elegance to the keyring and the tone-on-tone effect looks classy.

There are many other types of promotional products out there that are also eco-friendly. From clothing to cutlery sets, bags, coasters, USBs, notebooks, rulers, mugs and more. If you would like to align your business with one of these products, but you are unsure what would work best, contact us either by email or phone. We’d love to help.

The Promotional Products Team