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6 December, 2023

Christmas BBQ Gear: Sizzling Australian Promotional Products

In the heart of the Australian summer, the tradition of gathering around a barbeque during Christmas is cherished. It is a time when the aroma of freshly grilled delicacies fills the air, and people come together to celebrate the joyous occasion. And what better way to enhance this traditional Aussie Christmas BBQ than with a range of sizzling promotional products? Below are some BBQ gear that can add that special festive touch to your Christmas gatherings.

  1. BBQ Aprons: The Canvas of Festive Creativity
    No barbeque is complete without a quintessential BBQ apron. Companies can launch a series of aprons featuring Australian Christmas themes, such as Santa sporting sunglasses, kangaroos in festive attire, or vibrant Aboriginal art-inspired designs, offering individuals the chance to carry the festive spirit with them as they grill. Aprons with pockets can carry essential BBQ tools, ensuring functionality meets festivity.
  2. Grill Utensils: Spreading the Christmas Cheer
    Grilling utensils such as tongs, spatulas, and forks can be redesigned to reflect the Christmas spirit. Think handles in the shape of candy canes or spatulas etched with festive messages, spreading cheer with every flip. You can also offer sets of utensils adorned with native Australian flora, introducing a uniquely Australian touch to the Christmas BBQ gear.
  3. Stubby Holders: Adding a Cool Touch to the Sizzle
    Keeping beverages cool as the grill heats up is essential. Here is where the iconic stubby holders come in, reimagined with Christmas motifs, ensuring that the festive spirit permeates every aspect of the BBQ. From designs portraying the scenic Australian landscapes in Christmas hues to ones featuring quirky Christmas messages, stubby holders can be a refreshing companion at every BBQ party.
  4. Christmas-Themed Serving Plates and Trays
    Serve up the grilled delights on plates and trays adorned with Christmas themes. From plates echoing Aboriginal art to trays sporting images of the iconic Sydney harbour with a Christmas touch, these serving accessories can evoke a rich tapestry of national pride, heritage, and festivity, enhancing the BBQ experience manifold.
  5. Christmas BBQ Recipe Booklets
    Brands can go a step further by offering recipe booklets filled with an array of Australian BBQ recipes for Christmas. These booklets can include traditional recipes with a festive twist, encouraging people to experiment and bring a piece of the Aussie Christmas tradition to their BBQs.
  6. Eco-Friendly BBQ Gear
    In line with the growing sustainability trend, companies can introduce a range of BBQ gear made from recycled or sustainable materials, promoting a green Christmas. From bamboo serving trays to aprons made from recycled plastics, these products add a festive touch and encourage responsible celebration.
  7. Themed Cooler Bags
    As we anticipate a day of grilling under the sun, cooler bags emerge as a must-have. These could be adorned with illustrations of Aussie flora and fauna enjoying a BBQ feast, or a vivid portrayal of the Australian landscape transformed into a festive wonderland. The cooler bags can keep your drinks and perishables cool, merging functionality with a festive spirit
  8. Festive Spice Rubs and Marinades
    To enhance the BBQ feast, brands could offer a range of spice rubs and marinades curated specially for the Christmas season. They might feature native Australian ingredients, offering a unique touch to the festive dishes. The packaging could highlight the Aussie Christmas vibe with designs such as surfing Santas or kangaroos adorned with Santa hats, adding a joyous touch to the culinary preparations.
  9. BBQ Grill Mats with a Christmas Twist
    Grill mats are another essential BBQ accessory that can receive a Christmas makeover. Imagine mats adorned with festive motifs or featuring Australian Christmas messages, adding a dash of festivity to the grilling process.
  10. Custom BBQ Branding Iron
    A branding iron to imprint festive messages or Christmas-themed images onto your grilled meats and veggies can be a delightful addition. It can help infuse a touch of joy and personalisation, helping to stir up conversations and smiles as people discover festive imprints on their food.
  11. Christmas Themed Beverage Holders
    Besides the renowned stubby holders, there could be holders designed for wine bottles, soft drinks, or juices adorned with Christmas themes, keeping the beverages cool and adding a festive touch to the BBQ table setting.
  12. Santa Chef Hat
    Adding a dash of Christmas to the BBQ chef's outfit could be a Santa-inspired chef hat. This would protect the chef from the sun and infuse a fun, festive vibe into the BBQ preparations.
  13. Festive BBQ Covers
    After the BBQ is over, a BBQ cover featuring a festive scene — maybe a picturesque Australian beach setting with Christmas elements — can protect the grill while keeping the festive spirit alive.
  14. Christmas-Themed Drink Coasters
    Coasters featuring Australian Christmas themes could add a festive touch to the dining table. They could carry illustrations of iconic Australian landscapes with a Christmas twist, infusing the dining setup with a festive vibe.
  15. Personalised BBQ Tool Sets
    Offer tool sets that people can personalise with their names or festive messages. These sets could include all the essential BBQ tools, packaged in a case adorned with festive illustrations, making it a delightful Christmas gift for BBQ enthusiasts.
  16. BBQ Spice Ornament Set
    Present spices in ornaments that can be hung on the Christmas tree. Each ornament would contain a different spice or rub, adding a unique dish flavour and a festive touch to the Christmas tree.
  17. Barbecue-Scented Candles
    To continue the BBQ joy indoors, offer candles that evoke the aroma of a sizzling BBQ, helping to infuse the home with a warm, inviting scent that recalls the joyous outdoor feast.
  18. Festive Skewers
    Skewers featuring handles shaped like Christmas icons or Australian native animals can add a fun and festive touch to BBQ kebabs and skewered veggies.
  19. Cooling Mist Fans
    Considering the hot Australian Christmas weather, branded cooling mist fans can help keep the BBQ chef and the guests cool, providing a refreshing respite from the heat while showcasing the festive spirit with Christmas-themed designs.
  20. Christmas-Themed BBQ Gloves
    Offer BBQ gloves adorned with Christmas-themed prints or in festive colours to ensure safety in style while handling hot grills and utensils.
  21. Festive Insulated Food Covers
    Insulated food covers featuring Christmas designs can keep the food warm and protected from bugs, while adding to the festive décor with their vibrant designs.

As Australia gears up to celebrate a season of joy and togetherness, enhancing the Christmas BBQ experience with a range of promotional products is a brilliant idea. These items add a festive and unique Australian touch to the celebrations and foster a sense of unity, heritage, and joy as families and friends gather around the grill. This year, let's add a sizzling touch to the Australian Christmas BBQ, blending tradition with creativity and serving up a feast that is quintessentially Aussie and festive in every sense.

The Promotional Products Team