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24 January, 2024

Guide to Seasonal Promotional Products: What Works Best

Promotional products have long been a staple in corporate marketing strategies. Adapting your choice of promotional items according to the season resonates better with your audience and showcases your brand as one that is in tune with changing dynamics. This guide delineates the perfect promotional products to consider for each season, facilitating companies to plan their promotional strategies throughout the year.


1) Customised Scarves and Gloves
With the temperature dipping, scarves and gloves become daily essentials. Offering these products, embroidered with your logo, could be a warm and welcoming promotional gesture.

2) Hot Chocolate Kits
Encourage your clients or employees to cosy up with a cup of hot chocolate, presented in a beautifully branded kit that fosters a sense of warmth and comfort.

3) Branded Ice Scrapers
A practical item for the cold months, branded ice scrapers can come in handy for clients who drive, etching your brand into their daily routine.

4) Heated Mug
Branded heated mugs can keep beverages warm for longer, providing comfort and warmth in the cold winter months while showcasing your logo prominently.

5) Winter Wellness Kits
Curate a kit featuring a selection of wellness items such as hand sanitiser, lip balm, and tissues, each branded to keep users healthy and associate your brand with care and wellbeing during the winter season.

6) Branded Blankets
A soft, cosy blanket bearing your logo can be a cherished item during the winter, offering warmth and a positive brand impression every time it's used.


1) Eco-Friendly Products
Spring signifies renewal. Eco-friendly promotional products like reusable water bottles or bags, adorned with your brand logo, can position your brand as one that cares for the environment.

2) Custom Seed Packets
Encourage growth and renewal with custom seed packets that allow recipients to grow their flowers, fostering a green thumb and positive associations with your brand.

3) Umbrellas
Spring showers are inevitable. Offering branded umbrellas can ensure your clients stay dry, appreciating your brand's foresight and care.

4) Branded Rain Boots
With spring bringing in the rainy season, offering branded rain boots can be a practical and thoughtful promotional product, showcasing your brand in every step.

5) Garden Kits
Encourage recipients to embrace the blossoming season by growing their plants with a branded garden kit, fostering a connection between the flourishing nature and your brand.

6) Spring Cleaning Kits
As many undertake a spring cleaning routine, a kit equipped with eco-friendly cleaning products and branded with your logo can be a timely and appreciated gift.


1) Branded Picnic Blankets
Perfect for outdoor events, picnics, or beach outings, branded picnic blankets can offer a large canvas for your logo, providing visibility wherever they are unfurled.

2) Custom Sunglasses
A summer essential, sunglasses with your brand embellished on them offer protection from the rays and cool visibility for your logo.

3) Cooler Bags
Cooler bags with your logo can be a hit in summer, helping users keep their beverages and snacks cool while flaunting your brand.

4) Beach Towels
A large branded beach towel can be a great canvas for your logo, gaining visibility at pools, beaches, and parks throughout the summer season.

5) Branded Water Guns
For a fun, youthful promotional item, consider branded water guns. They can be a hit at summer events and help create joyful memories associated with your brand.

6) Sunscreen
Offering branded sunscreen can showcase your brand as one that cares for its customers, providing protection against the summer sun while promoting healthy habits.


1) Branded Notebooks
As people prepare to wind down the year and plan for the next, branded notebooks can become a daily fixture in meetings and personal planning, offering sustained visibility for your brand.

2) Customised Candles
With a variety of scents that evoke the comforting spirit of autumn, candles can be a sublime choice for seasonal promotions, offering a sensory reminder of your brand.

3) Promotional Jackets
As the weather begins to cool, offering branded jackets can be a great way to keep your audience warm, enveloping them in the comfort of your brand.

4) Branded Thermoses
As the weather cools, a thermos branded with your logo can keep drinks warm, becoming a daily companion and promoting your brand with every sip.

5) Leaf Rakes
Help your clients with autumn yard work by providing branded leaf rakes, fostering a sense of care and practical assistance that associates positive actions with your brand.

6) Pumpkin Carving Kits
With autumn being the season of pumpkins, offering branded carving kits can bring a fun, festive spirit to your promotional strategy, engaging families and fostering joyful experiences.

Year Round

1) USB Drives
A functional item that finds utility throughout the year, branded USB drives can be a potent tool in your promotional strategy, offering usability and brand visibility all year round.

2) Calendars
Customised calendars, infused with your brand essence and bearing your logo, can remain on clients’ desks all year, offering daily visibility and reminding them of your brand.

3) Branded Notebooks and Stationery
Notebooks, pens, and other stationery items are useful throughout the year. They offer a substantial area for branding and can be used in various settings, including offices, schools, and homes.

4) Reusable Water Bottles
Encourage hydration and sustainability with branded reusable water bottles. They can be used in all seasons and present a great opportunity to showcase your commitment to environmental friendliness.

5) Mobile Phone Accessories
Items such as phone holders, pop sockets, or screen cleaners are used throughout the year, giving your brand consistent visibility as people tend to use their mobile phones daily.

6) Branded Tote Bags
Reusable tote bags featuring your logo can be a fantastic promotional item, promoting sustainability while offering a practical solution for carrying items day-to-day, showcasing your brand in various settings throughout the year.

Seasonal promotional products offer a dynamic way to connect with your audience, adapting to their changing needs and preferences as the year unfolds. This guide provides a roadmap for companies to plan their promotional strategies meticulously, ensuring a vibrant and resonant brand presence throughout the seasons. Be proactive and fine-tune your promotional products strategy to resonate with the spirit of each season, fostering a deep and enduring connection with your audience.

The Promotional Products Team