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13 December, 2021

Top 5 Promotional Products For The Summer

Summer is fast approaching and so now is the time to start preparing your promotional merchandise for the summer months. There are so many options to choose from we thought we would list what we think will be the most popular.

  1. Promotional Sunscreen: Not only a popular item but almost a necessity in Australia, sunscreen has always been a popular choice as a promotional item for the summer months. Previously 30+ was the norm, but nowadays, most have moved to 50+ factor. You’ve got options for sizes running from 25ml up to 65ml, and branding can be a mix of pad printing, digital stickers or full colour direct digital printing. They work so well because clients will use them repeatedly until they are finished. They will help them stay safe against harmful UV rays, so they work at a promotional level and at a practical level. They are compact enough for people to put in their pocket or a purse to be easily accessible.
  2. Custom Beach Towels: If you want to make a “splash”, then branded beach towels are the way to go. They have massive print areas, including some that can be completely customised with print covering the entire towel. They are highly visible, and anyone walking along the beach would be able to see what you are advertising. Besides doing an all-over print, some companies prefer to be more subtle and put a small embroidered logo on the side. Whichever option you choose, they will get plenty of use.
  3. Promotional Sunglasses: Is there a more perfect summer promotional item for Australia than sunglasses – we don’t think so! So many options to choose from. You’ve got the budget styles with plastic frames to quality metal frame sunglasses. For some fun, you can also get ones that have flashing lights built-in, or to look really cool. There are wraparound sunglasses. The most common print or engraving is done on one of the arms, but you can also print on the lens on some of the novelty ones. These are great for outdoor events with younger people.
  4. Fitness Activity Trackers: It’s time to get rid of the puppy fat we put on through those winter months, and one way to keep track of how we are doing and to incentivise us to do more is through fitness activity trackers. These are great promotional gift ideas for both clients and even staff. It used to be that everyone wore a pedometer on their wrist. Now with activity trackers we can monitor not only how many steps we take, but they allow for seeing how many calories we have burned, distance walked, keep time, have a selfie camera and a sleep monitor. Some of the fancier styles also have heart rate monitoring with alerts along with checking blood pressure. These are promotional gift items that will really set your business apart from the rest.
  5. Beachballs: When you hear the words “Fun In The Sun”, nothing denotes this more than a beach ball. They are a fun item that people love to play with on the beach. They have a good size branding area, and most come with contrasting panels, so it is good to match up the panel colour to your business and have the logo printed on the white panel. There are plenty of sizes to pick from, and they are very compact when deflated, so they could even be used in a mail-out campaign.

We may have listed what we think will be the top 5 promotional items for this summer, but there are 1,000’s of other products that would also work, so if you need some suggestions, drop us a line or email us. If not, just browse the website, and we’re sure you’ll come across a product you’ll love to use for your next promotion.

The Promotional Products Team