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Promotional Products

What Our Preschool & Day Care Centres Need

When I attended preschool, I loved colouring in picture books with my friends and thought how awesome we were. However, one thing I knew my preschool lacked was not having enough supplies for us to enjoy.

At Promotional Products, we supply a great colouring pencil pack that comes with six attractive colours. They are inexpensive and economically friendly. Kids that attend day care or preschool will love these as they have the main six attractive colours in one pack and are the right size to fit into their cute tiny hands, easily and comfortably. They are also easy to put away after being handled. Only six colours to worry about that can easily be arranged back into the pack, the kids will not have any problems doing so.

Our ‘colouring pencil pack’ can be custom printed to showcase your name. It is a great way to publicise your day care and preschool facility to potential mothers & fathers who want to apply their kids. Order our colouring pencil pack today and notice the difference.

colouring pencil pack for kids

3 June, 2015

The Promotional Products Team