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Promotional Products


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Frog Puffer
Frog Puffers are a cute way to add some cheer to your day.
from $9.92 to $9.08 ea
100 min qty
Bear Puffer
Squeeze your worries away with these sweet-smelling and adorable Bear Puffers.
from $10.29 to $9.58 ea
100 min qty
Puppy Puffer
These Puppy Puffers are great stress relievers, gifts, souvenirs, and promotional items.
from $10.29 to $9.58 ea
100 min qty
Neon Puffer Penguin
Our Neon Puffer Penguins are soft, irresistible, and definitely squeezable.
from $10.29 to $9.58 ea
100 min qty
Penguin Puffer
Our Penguin Puffers are soft, lovable products that can be squeezed to make you relaxed.
from $10.86 to $10.65 ea
100 min qty

Promotional Products sells a selection of Puffer Toys. These sweet-smelling anti-stress squeezies have a light powdery smell, are air-filled and made from plastic rubber. They come in assorted neon colours from orange, pink and blue, to yellow, green or purple, to suit your team colours or corporate branding. We stock several animal designs which are perfect for promoting wildlife conservation projects, zoos and animal shelters. Each one can be customised with your promotional logo to help raise awareness for your cause.