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Python Wireless Mouse
Custom Python Wireless Mouse is a perfect gift for your customer base.
from $6.96 to $5.50 ea
50 min qty
Premium Wireless Mouse
Printed Premium Wireless Mouse is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.
from $13.35 to $10.22 ea
25 min qty
Folding Wireless Optical Mouse
Functionality, style, and convenience combine in these customised Folding Wireless Optical Mouses.
from $13.56 to $10.18 ea
100 min qty
Liquid Optical Mouse
Stand out among your competition with these unique Liquid Optical Mouses that can be custom printed with your logo.
from $15.83 to $13.38 ea
500 min qty
Windows Compatible Wireless Mouse
Windows Compatible Wireless Mouses saves power with power saver mode.
from $16.74 to $12.56 ea
100 min qty
Medium Optical Mouse
Medium Optical Mouses with black zip up case can be customised with pad printing, so they are perfect for promotions
from $17.49 to $13.78 ea
50 min qty
Power Saving Mouse
Power Saving Mouses feature of power saver mode.
from $17.73 to $13.30 ea
100 min qty
Epoch Wireless Mouse
Take your browsing or gaming to a whole new level with these personalised Epoch Wireless Mouses.
from $17.76 to $13.31 ea
100 min qty
Speedster Wireless Mouse
Win the hearts of car enthusiasts and techie customers with these printed Speedster Wireless Mouses.
from $21.56 to $16.16 ea
100 min qty
Custom Moulded Car ChargerCrest Wireless Travel Mouse
Level up your promotional campaign by giving away these Crest Wireless Travel Mouses at your next event.
from $25.64 to $21.32 ea
250 min qty
Branded Wireless Mouse
Branded Wireless Mouse's include a scroll wheel and 3 buttons
from $33.64 to $28.76 ea
25 min qty

Fantastic range of optical computer mice in this category. Stylish Wireless Mouses come with their own, practical recharging device, and are great to have around the office, and are also great for home office use. Stylish wireless mouses are premium quality, and make great promotional merchadise, with their pad printing option for both mouses and their chargers. Stylish wireless mouses feature an attractive silver and black colour-scheme, with their charger featuring a matching colour-scheme. Included with stylish wireless mouses are 2xAA rechargeable batteries, and cable software. Stylish wireless mouses come boxed for your convenience.